In The End – tracklist revealed? (UPDATED)

January 2, 2019  |  8 Comments  |  by Webmaster  |  The Cranberries

A fan called Itzik just posted the below message on our website, revealing the possible “In The End” album tracklist in no particular order (as we already know from a recent Noel Hogan interview that In The End is to be the last song of the album)

The following is a list (in no particular order) of 11 newly registered song titles for the new album.
Please keep in mind that not all might end up on the album and some could be just working titles.


All Over Now (O’Riordan/Hogan)
A Place I Know (O’Riordan/Hogan)
Illusion (O’Riordan/Hogan)
Crazy Heart (O’Riordan/Hogan)
The Pressure (O’Riordan/Hogan)
In The End (O’Riordan/Hogan)
Summer Song (O’Riordan/Brodbeck)
Lost (O’Riordan)
Wake Me When It’s Over (O’Riordan)
Catch Me If You Can (O’Riordan)
Got It (O’Riordan)


BMG are still planning an “early 2019” release.

Happy new year everyone!!

IMPORTANT: We do not yet know what his source is, nor if this is official or not, although it is very likely these information may have leaked on the Internet in the past hours.

More soon as we’re investigating, and a major thank you to Itzik for his comment.


Although the source hasn’t yet been revealed, we are inclined to think this tracklist is definitely real as Dan Brodbeck was indeed writing a song with Dolores shortly before she passed as confirmed in his January 2018 CBC interview.
Moreover, the track Illusion does ring a bell as a demo song sharing the same name was accidentally uploaded onto JETLAG.NYC’s Soundcloud account in November 2017…

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8 Responses to In The End – tracklist revealed? (UPDATED)

  1. Emy

    “A place i know and summer song” are already recorded songs

  2. Hope The Glory is added to the album with new arrangements. It should be a single.

  3. Francois

    I cannot believe that all this is actually happening… Dolores being gone and this last album being released. With the reissue of the first album, I was in flashback mode, not thinking too much about the present anymore. But with this piece of artwork and this supposed tracklist, I have to face the reality again. Of course I am excited that a new Cranberries album is coming but it will be so strange to listen to it. Very surreal. That being said, I think The Glory is perfect as it is and I would not want it to be rearranged. I loved it upon release and it has become one of my favourite Cranberries song now. One of their best songs since 1999 I think. Also, I like a lot the artwork so far. Very appropriate. To me it expresses this feeling of sadness but also this idea that the music is still alive.

  4. Anonymous

    i’m happy for the album but sad for dolores.

  5. Lipecran

    Unfortunately, these new songs will never be played live by the band. Maybe yes, to promote the album, but not how it would must be! ;(


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