“In The End” album cover + first single “All Over Now” out Jan.15

January 11, 2019  |  13 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Big day today in the Cranberries world, the band just updated their official website cranberries.com as well as all their socials with the cover of their new – and last – studio album “In The End”, along with a long statement to explain the process of the album. No release date has been announced yet, hopefully soon… (possibly Spring 2019)

Also, to mark the first anniversary of Dolores’s passing, they will be releasing the first single “All Over Now” on the 15th of January.

In The End – album cover

You might recognize Noel’s son, Dylan, holding a guitar on the left, where his father is used to standing on stage. Although the other 3 kids are not known, we can imagine they are kids from Fergal, Mike and Dolores’ family.

[EDIT #1: The little Emma is indeed the daughter of one of Dolores’ nieces. The name of little boy on the bass is William, son of Tommy O’Carroll and Kay O’Carroll. No more details about his link with Mike yet; family? or friend? or else?]

[EDIT #2: Still about the little boy on the bass, William O’Carroll, Mike’s wife, Siobhan, her maiden name is O’Carroll… so the link is definitely family. It looks like William is Mike’s nephew. Thanks to Mat in the comments below]

cranberries.com new homepage

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13 Responses to “In The End” album cover + first single “All Over Now” out Jan.15

  1. Alfonso Cordova Betancourt

    Amamos a Dolores y a The Cranberries, se que es dificil todo esto, pero, es el mejor homenaje para ella en el cielo.
    Mil Gracias

  2. Mary

    Yes for sure it could be Ferg’s son on drums. Great idea!
    Shooting their kids in a total mess place that’s exactly where The Cranberries are now after that past shitty year. I love that cover.

    • Mat

      By the way… ” William, son of Tommy O’Carroll and Kay O’Carroll.” Mike’s wife, Siobhan… her maiden name is O’Carroll… so the link is “family”…

    • Axl

      Thanks Mat. Just edited the news with this info.

  3. PL

    Man, I just about lost it reading this. As much as I can’t wait for this album, it will be incredibly difficult for me hear for the first time, knowing this is the bittersweet “goodbye” to the band I have loved since I was a child. Thank you to The Cranberries for finding the strength to complete and release this final album. What a fantastic opportunity for everyone that loved Dolores to share this last experience together, in rememberence, and in honor of a woman, that meant so much to so many.

  4. Mike Sniadecki

    Awe beautiful cover amazing love it, reading the message made me cry! Oh gosh thanks for everything you guys. I will treasure everything! Being a fan since I was 13 in 1993 and been devoted and fell in love with the cranberries. I will always remember Dolores and Fergal, Mike & Noel. You guys have had a truly unique chemistry as a band and a sound all your own

  5. Limey

    From the couch to this, it’s a lovely tribute. I got sad when I read the line in their statement about realizing Dolores will never sing the new songs live.

  6. Anonymous

    i’m so happy and anxious to listen this new album. thank u for the information

  7. Mochino

    ‚All over now” (edit) will be last 3:58 and it’s unavailible on Tidal till 15.01.
    Keep waiting folks

  8. Sören

    I will be in Limerick on 15.01
    So I hope I will find a CD shop
    Any Idea?

  9. I really like that the last album will be a tribute to the legacy of my favorite band

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