LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: “5 New Songs” rare CD (2004)

February 3, 2019  |  7 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Oldie but goldie!
This is a very rare CD-R containing demo/early versions of songs that would appear on “AYL?”
Some fans might not have heard them all before… and for the others it’s probably been a while!

Let’s note that the demo version of “Without You” never really surfaced before and the title “Apple Of My Life” on this CD-R became “Apple Of My Eye” on the “Are You Listening?” album. [EDIT: Fox Music probably made this CD-R to pass on to various music supervisors. Seems like a title transcribed too fast, just a mistake, as Dolores sings “eye” in this demo.]

Download WAV audio files (and CD scans) on Google Drive or listen to the songs directly on YouTube.

Thanks to YouTube user Dead Or Alive Icon (@pathetic_senses on Instagram)

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7 Responses to LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: “5 New Songs” rare CD (2004)

  1. The Origial MB

    This is fantastic!!! <3

    So it seems like the Without You we know is basically an "undressed" version of this one? I love both versions very much though! This "new" version has all these beautiful extra instruments and dimensions, while the "old" one has that haunting ending that will never stop giving you chills… <3

  2. mcl

    It was produced by fox music at the time. Maybe a consequence of the clic movie?
    Interesting comment posted by luigi on cranberries italia regarding these demos (sorry i cant translate italian, if someone wants do to it…)

    Ricordo un’intervista (credo fosse nelle Filippine) che non sono più stato in grado di trovare: Dolores parlava proprio di questa prima fase della lavorazione dell’album. Raccontava di come avesse fatto ascoltare ai suoi contatti nell’industria musicale le demo (forse queste) e avesse ricevuto in risposta giudizi negativi poiché mancava una hit. Da questo iniziale dissenso delle case discografiche sarebbero poi nate “Accept Things” (I think you pretend that you are my friend, it’s easy to see that you’re envious of me) e “October” (I’m sorry my friend, this is not the end, I’ll do it without you I’ll do it again). Significativa la scelta di farsi poi distribuire da un’etichetta indipendente. Personalmente credo che AYL? assieme a TTFD siano gli album in cui si nota il maggior sforzo creativo da parte di Dolores.

  3. Demo Versions of Dolores O’Riordan’s songs from Are You Listening? we leaked today. According to confidential information I received last summer, at least one, if not all 5 songs were recorded at Warwick Court Studios. A second confidential source believes that a record executive’s child took a copy of this CD after a meeting with Dolores or her Management and leaked 2 of these songs (In The Garden and Letting Go) shortly after.

    Black Widow Demo Music Video:

    • Axl

      Thanks for this additional information and indeed the Black Widow demo you posted last August!

  4. Ben

    Dolores was so good. Her demos were better than most artists finals.

  5. Magister

    Thanks a Lot!!!


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