INTERVIEW: “The Making of The Cranberries’ Haunted Farewell”

February 7, 2019  |  8 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Read the article/interview directly on or click image below to access pdf file.

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8 Responses to INTERVIEW: “The Making of The Cranberries’ Haunted Farewell”

  1. “Since there were no lyric sheets and the songs were numbered, not titled, Street took to writing down the lyrics as he heard them.” I guess this confirms that we’ll never really know what Dolores whispered at the beginning of All Over Now. Also, very interesting that she wanted to record So Good (and forgot it was a Roses track). I wonder if the song would have sounded the same or would have had a different twist to it. Great, very in depth article.

    • The Original MB

      I think the whispered words are “I vowed”, but of course I can’t be sure. 🙂

    • gooberrygirl

      To me, it sounds like “I found out” like she figured out this woman was being abused or she figured out this person isn’t who she thought he was and she was able to get away, but remembers it all like it’s a threat to say don’t think I forgot what you did to me. Well, that’s my interpretation, we’ll never truly know

    • The Original MB

      That’s possible, it seems like a good explanation. My interpretation is somewhat darker: I get the impression that maybe she literally fought her way out, and the man may not have survived the fight. That’s where the “I vowed” comes in; like she’s saying “I vowed: Till death do us part, and I kept my word”.

    • Someone

      I always understand “wipe out”

    • Anonymous

      I’m quite sure 2nd word starts with a B. Could be “I’m bound”

  2. Denise

    This article is so moving, especially that part about their last contact with Dolores. It made me cry a couple of times. I’m still very sad. Ferg is right, 46 is way too soon :(. She is so missed by all of us.

    • Van

      Agreed, very moving sharing from the band. I know it’s been a year and who am I but a stranger to her, but her passing really still makes me so sad, to the point I can’t listen to the “5 new songs” shared here earlier and this new material.


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