Limerick’s All Time Great: DOLORES WINS (UPDATED)

February 18, 2019  |  6 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Title says it all. Dolores wins easily. Congratulations!
Thanks to The Cranberries community and all the others who voted for her. Well deserved.
The Limerick Leader should say more about it pretty soon…


The Limerick Leader just published an article to confirm Dolores O’Riordan has been named “Limerick’s All Time Great”.

They commented:
Dolores is an exceptionally worthy winner of Limerick’s All Time Great,” said Eugene Phelan, editor of the Limerick Leader. “She is an iconic figure in world music but never forget her Limerick roots and her love for her native place. We are proud that she has been named the All Time Great after an exceptionally popular series of online polls. All 16 candidates would have made for a worthy winner, but there can only be one!

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6 Responses to Limerick’s All Time Great: DOLORES WINS (UPDATED)

  1. Regina Paula

    Dolores forever

  2. Jim McMahon

    For sure Dolores did more to put Limerick front & center on the worlds stage with her ethereal lilt and moving lyrics. Her music was indeed a rainbow which touched so many different parts of the human heart.

  3. Patti Blasingame

    I never doubted Dolores would win. As an icon, Dolores touched people from all walks of life all around the globe with her heartfelt music, captivating voice, beautiful smile, and unwavering charisma. Dolores captured our hearts forever. She certainly makes Limerick, Ireland, and the world proud! A well deserved recognition for touching so many souls all over the world. Well done!

  4. geraldine

    I voted for her yesterday and realized a few minuts later that a daffodil opened on my balcony …
    Dolores is still with us

  5. Ratonsanniv

    wow tit’dam!


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