New song “The Pressure” available tomorrow at midnight (UPDATED)

February 28, 2019  |  16 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

“The Pressure” should be the 2nd single off the album “In The End” (track #10) and should be officially released tomorrow (March 1st) starting at midnight on streaming platforms.

Well… right now, it’s already tomorrow in Australia, the song has started to spread the internet (so it’s not a leak) and lyrics have already appeared on

EDIT: Now midnight in most European cities, March 1st, “The Pressure” just appeared on streaming platforms, Deezer, Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music etc…



iTunes/Apple Music

Also available on YouTube (US viewers may have to wait until midnight tho):

UPDATE – MARCH 1 – 08:00 AM (UTC)

Noel Hogan just posted on Instagram to inform that “The Pressure” is NOT the second single but a new track they “wanted to share”.
Second single should thus be “Wake Me When It’s Over” as stated in the Radio Regenbogen interview posted yesterday on YouTube.
He also replied to 1tipsy that All Over Now’s video should be available next week.

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16 Responses to New song “The Pressure” available tomorrow at midnight (UPDATED)

  1. Yesterday's gone

    What happened to «all over now» video? They have announced it quite some time ago already and it’s still not out. With this, I feel the song isn’t even properly out there, and a new song is already being taken off the album. Strange label choices.

    • Joan

      Absolutely true. What happened to the AON video. It was supposed to be out soon and now we have a second single before that video. Weird.

    • Yesterday's gone

      It turns out that, apparently, “The Pressure” isn’t a second single after all. The band revealed in the interview today in Germany, available on youtube, that the second single will be “Catch me when it’s over”. The release of”The Pressure” seems to be just a treat 🙂

    • Axl

      Weird indeed. The Pressure looks ready to play on Apple Music and Spotify…

    • Webmaster

      Yesterday’s gone > you’re 100% right, Noel just confirmed all this, I edited the post above.
      All Over Now video coming next week 😉

  2. Andrea

    Yes, band says that the next singles will be Wake me when it’s over and, maybe, In the end.

  3. Can someone upload it for the ppl in the states?

  4. Anonymous

    Doesnt work….

  5. Girl

    How beautiful is the new song. How intimate are the words …

  6. Girl

    Trying to play, the chords seem to be G and F. Strumble and hum the chorus makes you move.

  7. Gary

    LOL. If not a second single then let me know what it is. A new track we wanted to share (just like that with no warning) does not make any sense. I always loved the cranberries’ communication. Thanks for sharing anyway, it’s a great song.

  8. Marc

    True! And on Spotify it is clearly written ‘Single’


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