Dolores’ class photo at Laurel Hill Secondary School

March 28, 2019  |  3 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Other News

A very rare pic was posted on Instagram by user joanna.cran.pic
This is the class photo of Dolores in Laurel Hill Secondary School in Limerick. Our friends from Cranberries Italia saw the pic in the school when they visited Limerick last year and said it was taken in 1990.
If so, do the math, Dolores was 18 (maybe 19).

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3 Responses to Dolores’ class photo at Laurel Hill Secondary School

  1. Evgeniya

    I think this is an earlier photo. Dolores looks 13-14 years old.

    • Axl

      You might be right… we don’t have that info! We just trust our Italian friends who recently visited the school, the year was probably written near the pic.

  2. David

    1990 at school. How nice. That means just a few months before meeting up with the lads. Love the so 80s hairstyles!


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