Track by track video series: “All Over Now”

April 2, 2019  |  9 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Second video of the Track x Track series where you can hear exclusive behind the scenes information directly from the band.

Today, “All Over Now” – Album Track #1

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9 Responses to Track by track video series: “All Over Now”

  1. Girl

    These little videos don’t have the automatic subtitle function in English, so for me it’s even more difficult to understand what Noel says. In another interview he had already explained that Dolores had said how she liked the long intros in the Cure style, but the rest is incomprehensible to me.

    Since this is a very short video, someone might be kind enough to write here – in brief – what does Noel say about All over now? Thanks if yes!

    • AJ

      He says Dolores had seen a live performance of The Cure, where they did really long intros, and she like that idea because, during a live performance, it would give her a break from doing vocals for a while. He says the intro would probably be even longer during a live performance.

    • Girl

      Thank you very much 🙂

  2. Dan

    he said that Delores thought the intro could be even longer live, to give her voice a rest. That stuck with him and he wanted to write a song like that. A couple of weeks later while writing, the guitar riff came to him and it just took off from there. I hope this helps.

    best regards,


  3. PL

    These are fascinating, I hope they release longer versions.

    • Dan

      Yeah. I’d love to see Noel put something like this together someday. His and Delores’s
      Conversations while writing these songs. What a duo. They met and in the space of a week, they wrote their first song. And it was a gold record….that’s still just the most amazing thing to me.



    • AJ

      @Dan A while ago they were talking about making some kind of Cranberries documentary. I’d like to see a dramatized dipiction of the weeks surrounding their meeting and the writing of Linger. Like you, I think there was a little magic going on there.

      And I do wish Noel and the others would go into more details with these track by track’s and the rest. It seems like they’re holding a lot back, but maybe that’s just my imaginaion.

  4. Dan

    Yeah I’m sure Noel remembers a lot of the stuff he and Delores went back and forth about over the years on a lot of their songs. Maybe he’ll feel like writing it all down song by song for us some day. Maybe some of it is private and he’d rather not. We can hope eh? They were quite a force to be sure.




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