VIDEO: “Get Closer” BUILD Series interview

April 12, 2019  |  3 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

This afternoon, The Cranberries appeared on the show “Get Closer” live-streamed on the cultural platform BUILD ( from the BUILD studio located 692 Broadway in New York City.

You can watch the replay on their socials as well as YouTube:

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3 Responses to VIDEO: “Get Closer” BUILD Series interview

  1. Emerald

    It’s a bless that we can hear a new album but i would go crazy if they will release one day even the half produced tracks that would be a fantastic PLUS EXTRA FOR US FANS….

  2. Sören

    I don´t think they will release unfinished songs on a CD but it would be a good idea to include some parts in the forthcoming documentary.

  3. AJ

    They describe The Cranberry Saw Us as a pun or joke. But what the heck does it mean?


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