“In The End” (title track) out at midnight on April 16th

April 15, 2019  |  13 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

You may have to wait until midnight in your country to access the song, lyrics available here.

Earlier today the band posted a teaser on socials (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to let the fans know the song was coming:

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13 Responses to “In The End” (title track) out at midnight on April 16th

  1. Girl

    Difficult to find words.
    It’s sublime. The lyric, the melody … it is a perfect song. Dolores wrote yet another masterpiece with a very simple turn of C.
    Hi Dolores. Thank you forever.

  2. Girl

    You know, this song makes me think of an italianĂ½ story I listened to as a child. It was called “L’ultima fetta di arcobaleno” (the last slice of rainbow). It can be found on Youtube. Not for the story, but for the way an Italian actress, the talented Giulia Lazzarini, played the wind. Here, this wonderful song has the voice of the wind.

  3. pab

    I’m a big fan of The Cranberries since To the faighful departed but this lyric is too simple. I’m kind of disappointed with the lyrics since Roses.

  4. Maddy

    I love the song. Great way to end an album, to end a career. Thanks The Cranberries.
    By the way I think there is no LIKE (you wanted) in the lyrics as written above by the band. Also, could be TAME (the spirit) all along no TAKE, just an opinion, not so sure. What do you guys think.

  5. Magister

    Nice song, but I don’t know about you, but sometimes I don’t even think that Dolores is singing. I don’t know how it looks like another person. But I feel that her voice was quite tired … but I repeat, I have the doubt that she is not her … but …

    • Girl

      I find it absolutely her. Even the oh oh oh oh oh … has a kind of yodel in it. Furthermore, if there had been a backing vocal it would have been specified in the credits, as for All over now and The Pressure (Backing Vocals: Johanna Cranitch). In this song I personally remember the caressing and dreamlike way in which she sang “Chynamite” with D.A.R.K.

    • SW

      I’m with you there, “her” voice sounds really different here. I was even wondering if only the” oh oh oh”s are her voice….
      (Then again her voice did change over the years, like when you listen to their first album for example to to the song “waltzing back” her voice sounds more “hoarse” there ,, but still…)

  6. Girl

    Ok, I fell in love with this song. First of all for words. Few, essential, those that should have been enough. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Magister

      yes the yodel is her, is her voice, I was referring to the part sung before. But perhaps it is the fact that she sings live, that is without filters during the mixing phase.
      I thought about it, listening to it again, it’s her but with a different voice, and as I wrote before, she feels that her voice is tired and has lost a lot over the years.

      Sorry for my bad english i’m italian

    • Girl

      What I feel is this:
      In my humble opinion, the age, the cigarettes or the tiredness I read elsewhere have nothing to do with it.
      In this song her voice reflects in a poignant way and totally what she is singing. It reflects the song itself.
      The song is made up of powerful whispers because what she sang could only whisper it.
      And it is so beautiful though so painful.


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