The Cranberries “We’d like to send a big thank you…..”

May 3, 2019  |  8 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

A message from The Cranberries was posted today on the band’s socials (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

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8 Responses to The Cranberries “We’d like to send a big thank you…..”

  1. The Original MB

    Nice message!

    However, our copy STILL isn’t here… I can’t believe it. We have been huge and true fans for 25 years, now their very last album is out, and almost a week after its release we still haven’t heard it. I really thought pre-ordering was a good thing…

    (Oh, and just for the record: My irritation is obviously NOT aimed at the band!)

    • FLA Cranberry

      Ditto. Can’t wait to hear this great music, but I will never pre-order anything ever again.

    • The Original MB

      Still not here… Growing old and crabby here, but great things take time, eh? Has yours arrived yet?

    • The Original MB

      I take it back, LOL! It JUST arrived a minute ago! So happy 😀

  2. The albums on youtube… I have 3 copies just in case… Great and sad album… I have been a fan since day one and it still killing me that this is the end

  3. Sören

    I received my package last Friday.

  4. Sören

    The Album is #8 in the German LP Charts!

  5. TCFC

    Thank you guys. In the end is a great album. And in the end the title track is the perfect song to end such a beautiful journey with you. Lots of love to the crans family. Please consider a signed lp/cd/test pressing merch!


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