AUDIO BOOTLEG: Bruxelles, Botanique, 20 October 1994

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A rare Cranberries audio bootleg surfaced the internet yesterday. Recorded in Bruxelles (Belgium) at Botanique on 20 October 1994, it is available on the private torrent trackers, thanks to user ShadowsATT.

Size: 351.45 MB

Here’s below the description on DimeADozen:

The Cranberries
No Need To Argue World Tour 1994-95
Botanique, Bruxelles – Belgium
20th October 1994


I received this audience 2nd generation audio, sourced from a MD master recording, many years ago in a tape trade.
The audio quality is average, more than average sometimes, but maybe, not good as a digital master source recording should be and this is probably due to a not proper transfer. It’s anyway still pleasantly listenable.
The concert recording is complete and there is no cuts or partial songs.
Ok, I hope this audio will be interesting for many fans of the band. Happy listening!


Known Lineage:
1x c90 Sony FX audience 2nd gen. tape cassette obtained in a trade > TEAC W-865R – 2x RCA to mini jack stereo cable – PCI CMI8738/C3DX Sound Card > HDD .wav files aquisition and tracks splitting by Audacity 2.1.3 > flac files encoding (level=5), fft fingerprints by FLAC Frontend v2.1 > .md5 whole-set signature file by mkwACT v1.0 > dime > you.


Dolores O’Riordan: Lead vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Noel Hogan: Guitars
Mike Hogan: Bass
Fergal Lawler: Drums


01. Intro (01:46)
02. How (02:57)
03. Sunday (03:17)
04. Linger (05:34)
05. Dreaming My Dreams (04:15)
06. Daffodil Lament (04:44)
07. I Can’t Be With You (03:22)
08. Wanted (02:28)
09. I Don’t Need (03:37)
10. Ode to My Family (04:40)
11. Ridiculous Thoughts (03:48)
12. Waltzing Back (03:56)
13. Still Can’t… (03:59)
14. Zombie (05:44)

15. audience noise (encore break) (02:02)
16. No Need to Argue (03:26)
17. Empty (03:24)
18. Dreams (04:44)


Total Playing Time: 01:07:52


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Thanks to Luis and Cranberries Library for noticing!

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One Response to AUDIO BOOTLEG: Bruxelles, Botanique, 20 October 1994

  1. Martin C.

    The sound is not as poor as described but I think I have a better version somewhere on tape (tape trades back in the days as well). Will try to search it and upload somewhere.


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