VIDEO: “Free To Decide” & “Sunday” live in Boston for Telethon

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A few days ago the MDA Telethon published on YouTube a very rare video of The Cranberries performing 2 songs in Boston, MA, USA for the Telethon 1996. It was broadcast on the US TV show “Jerry Lewis Stars Across America MDA Labor Day Telethon” on 2 September 1996. The video quality is perfect, upscaled in HD 1080p and respecting the original 4:3 format.

The Cranberries played 2 shows in Boston that year, on September 1st and 2nd, so without more information it is impossible to know the exact day of that performance, depending on the fact that it was live broadcast or prerecorded.
[EDIT – JULY 27th: The performance was recorded during the band’s first show on September 1st according to the TV report “On Music” broadcast in Spain on C+ in 1996 where Dolores (and the whole band) has the same outfit during the song “Forever Yellow Skies” (starts at 2:10). Thanks to Luis Hernández for the info.]

The “MDA Labor Day Telethon” was an annual telethon held on Labor Day, starting the night before and throughout.

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  1. Mcf

    Wow I had never seen those vids before. Thanx mda telethon. True gems.


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