Plans for The Cranberries videos to be released in HD on YouTube

October 2, 2019  |  9 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

According to The Cranberries YouTube channel, the band is going to premiere a remastered high definition version of “Zombie” filmed at the London Astoria 2 show in 1994. The video will be released tomorrow, Thursday 3 October, at 5pm (BST).

Additionally, and have also announced that, starting Friday 4 October, the remastered HD versions of The Cranberries music videos will be released exclusively on the band’s YouTube channel throughout the upcoming weeks:

Beginning this Friday, October 4 with the 1995 official music video for ‘Ridiculous Thoughts,’ all 10 of The Cranberries’ music videos will be rolled out in remastered HD on the band’s YouTube channel. 1994’s ‘Ode To My Family’ will follow on October 11; 1995’s ‘I Can’t Be With You’ on October 18; 1993’s ‘Linger’ on October 25; 1993’s ‘Dreams’ on November 1; 1996’s ‘When You’re Gone’ on November 8; 1999’s ‘Animal Instinct’ on November 15; 1999’s ‘Just My Imagination’ on November 22; and 1999’s ‘Promises’ on November 29.

There is also more information about the “Zombie” video that should be available in 4K very soon:

The Zombie (Astoria live) video kicks off the band’s #ZombieToABillion campaign for the international chart-topping song’s official music video. When the video’s YouTube view tally hits one billion, the official Zombie video’s newly remastered 4K version will be released.

As you all know, the album “No Need To Argue” turns 25 tomorrow, we can thus expect more news in the upcoming days, especially as the band is to release an anniversary edition later this year; we shall thus learn more about the content of this boxset very soon now. Will it include a Blu-Ray version of the Astoria’s “Cranberries Live” (?) Time will tell…

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9 Responses to Plans for The Cranberries videos to be released in HD on YouTube

  1. Mallo

    Wow I can’t wait to see the astoria in 4k. I also hope they will release beneah the skin in 4k one day. Great news.

  2. Lo

    PR isn’t easy to understand Will it be 4K or just HD (1080). For what I can understand only the zombie video will be in 4K, what about the other videos. And the astoria will it be 4K as well?

  3. Patrick

    The Zombie video to be the first ever Cranberries official video released in 4K. I love this idea!!!
    And the billion view to activate it is such a cool way. I hope more Crans videos will be available in 4K soon.


  4. Madame X

    And what will they do if the video does not reach the billion before months. Because that is what is gonna happen. There’s still 42 Millions to go. You don’t do this in a few days!!

  5. Girl

    Ok, this is the first time I’ve tried to understand how the counting of video views on youtube works!
    In practice, the 42 million missing views should be of people who have never seen the Zombie video from their devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets) … right?
    If so, 42 million people have never seen it because:
    A: they always listen only to chewing gum
    B: they have an aversion to the Cranberries
    C: Incredible to say, they don’t know the Cranberries

    So how will the video have these 42 million more? 🙁

    • Girl

      In point A I meant music-chewingum (a definition that Dolores used for commercial music of the disposable type;))

    • Girl

      ps. How sad. I just searched for a list of music videos with a billion views and I assumed to find, I don’t know, Imagine by John Lennon or generally the Beatles, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, the Queen …

      And instead … none of this!

  6. Kike Rivas

    Then on Friday, the 1995 video for “Ridiculous Thoughts” will be released in remastered HD. That will be followed by 1994’s “Ode to My Family” on October 11. The rest of the rollout schedule is as follows:

    “I Can’t Be With You” on October 18
    “Linger” on October 25
    “Dreams” on November 1
    “When You’re Gone” on November 8
    “Animal Instinct” on November 15
    “Just My Imagination” on November 22
    “Promises” on November 29

  7. Jay R.

    I was expecting the 25th anniversary boxset announcement but remastered high def is a great news. I can remember the band used real film cameras (like filming movies) for these so the new remaster material should be huge enhancement, not just useless upscaled 16:9 stuff. I wish some 4K blurays see the light of day soon.


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