#ZombieToABillion – “Be one of the billion”

October 3, 2019  |  1 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Soon after the video premiere of “Zombie” (live at Astoria), The Cranberries posted on their socials (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) a 28sec video to officially launch the #ZombieToABillion campaign:

They also updated their Facebook and Twitter accounts with the new banner, “Be one of the billion #ZombieToABillion”

Some fans also noticed that The Cranberries had momentarily changed their Instagram name by the words “Zombie Billion” (below a screen shot of their Instagram Stories announcing the NNTA 25th Anniversary). The name of the account has since changed again, back to “The Cranberries”

For those who still don’t know what the #ZombieToABillion campaign is all about, just know that once the official “Zombie” music video reaches a billion views, a remastered 4K version will be released on YouTube. Still something like 42 Millions to go!!

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One Response to #ZombieToABillion – “Be one of the billion”

  1. The Original MB

    Zombie is my life, but I can’t believe they are taking part in this stupid “like/views” war that is going on today. Please excuse me while I go run with scissors.


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