Another Dolores O’Riordan mural in Limerick city: The Ark Tavern

November 5, 2019  |  5 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Other News

There is another Dolores O’Riordan mural in Limerick city. These kind of things happen… 2 murals done in the same city more or less at the same moment.

While the mural by artist Aches is still in the making (stopped because of torrential rain these last days), Instagram user Bold Details (@bold_details) posted today a few photos of another Dolores mural recently completed for the pub “The Ark Tavern” located on Corbally Road, exact location on Google Street View.

Great tribute!

EDIT: The following comment was posted on Facebook by The Art Tavern, thanks to them for the details, “The Ark Tavern was relaunched on the 12th of Oct, the mural of the late Dolores O’Riordan was spray painted by local art student Cormac Dillon a week before the 12th as well as many other great musicians. They can all be seen on the walls of the events/function room in the The Ark Tavern.”

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5 Responses to Another Dolores O’Riordan mural in Limerick city: The Ark Tavern

  1. J.

    Well, for what I can see, no one will ever know how to write Dolores’ name correctly in this country. Poor D.

    • JBCF

      You are right but in this case I guess it is just a typo as this guy bold details wrote the hashtags without any mistake. Just saying!

    • BN

      That does piss me of to, But I think in this case it was an honest mistake.

    • Axl

      Bold Details edited his post, now Dolores is written correctly!

  2. Kiw

    Love it. Awesome.


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