CalenDolores 2020: 2nd version and lower shipping cost

December 16, 2019  |  Comments Off on CalenDolores 2020: 2nd version and lower shipping cost  |  by Axl  |  Other News

Following many complaints regarding the expensive shipping costs for non-US residents of the CalenDolores 2020 available from Etsy (and where you couldn’t even combine shipping when ordering 2 copies or more) theHand made a second version of his calendar available from Lulu where shipping costs are more reasonable.

Pay attention, this is really a second version of the calendar and not the same as Etsy shipped from another seller. There are several differences such as format, materials and number of pages. The price of the calendar is a little more expensive compared to the Etsy version, but if you add shipping it makes a big difference (again for those living outside the US) and combining is possible!

COUPON CODE: ONESHIP (free or reduced shipping costs until December 19th)

NEW COUPON CODE: LULU15 (save 15% on calendar until January 2nd)
NEW COUPON CODE: ONEFIVE (save 15% on calendar until January 2nd – UK & Ireland only)


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