“Primary Wave acquires songwriting catalogue of Cranberries’ Noel Hogan”

January 21, 2020  |  9 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Read the article directly on or click image below to access pdf file.

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9 Responses to “Primary Wave acquires songwriting catalogue of Cranberries’ Noel Hogan”

  1. Anonymous 1

    Got a bad feeling about this deal and the extended ramifications.

  2. Anonymous 1

    Is someone now ‘feeling their oats’ at the expense of someone else?

  3. Anonymous 1

    You might be right. After the news of this deal broke, a certain individual posted the link to that story in several locations. Now today, those postings have suddenly been removed. Incoming flack from certain people?

  4. Anonymous 2

    I agree, this feels odd. Just seems like something Dolores wouldn’t do, though what do I know.

  5. Anonymous 3

    Good on Noel. Certain O’Riordan family members have become greedy. They have no interest in The Cranberries and are only concerned about marketing opportunities to exploit Dolores and get money. Even though the proceeds go to Doloreses estate, her brother is still her business manager and earns a commission on any deals he brokers, Her new official website will be a sales opportunity for them to sell Dolores clothing and other items. Shameful.

    • Blackie

      Ok we got you. You are upset i can understand that. No need to write 5 times the same message to say it.

  6. Dan

    I dont know. Has anyone here actually seen the deal? Maybe Delores’s family approved? This may just remove Noel from being involved in what they would like to do. As far as exploiting, Now that she’s gone, who else would she like to see gain from her life’s work than her family? Most likely she would like to see her family taken care of? lets just wait and see how this plays out.

  7. I’ve noticed when people fail to include their name, the algorithm simply posts them as ‘anonymous.’ Those previous posts look like 4 or 5 different folks. As far as the subject matter, you are right. Let’s see how this all plays out. Hopefully everything is fair and square and all involved benefit justly from their efforts.

  8. bob foley

    It just happened to me in the above post!!!


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