“Cranberries members felt Bad Wolves’ Zombie cover was released too soon: ‘It wasn’t my cup of tea’ “

January 30, 2020  |  4 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Read the article/interview directly on or click image below to access pdf file.

Last January 24, the West Coast entertainment correspondent from ABC News Radio, Jason Nathanson, shared on Instagram a photo with The Cranberries. The above article has no credits but there is a huge possibility that the author is Jason.

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4 Responses to “Cranberries members felt Bad Wolves’ Zombie cover was released too soon: ‘It wasn’t my cup of tea’ “

  1. The Original MB


    I am so glad that they feel the same way I do. I thought the whole thing was in bad taste. Not just the release of their (empty-sounding) cover, but especially the profits that they “donated” to Dolores’s children. Please. How low can you go? >_<

    • Edi

      Ok, but Dolores really liked this cover,and wanted to record with them this song in that tragic day,and would doing it,if she would staying alive.
      But IMHO this cover is too heavy and i didn’t like really the idea to change the lyrics in the song.
      i.e. “It’s the same old thing in 2018”, instead of “It’s the same old thing since 1916”.
      And yes, they might wait for a while,and not to release, straight after her tragic death.
      And I listened their whole debut album Disobey, and I haven’t enjoyed. Too much growl and distortions in their songs

  2. Tex

    Its amazing how in the current “cancel” culture we live in that this metal-core band Bad Wolves made everyone forget that the singer (Tommy Vext) punched a woman in the face in public because he was mad at her husband …….and all it took was a cover from a recently deceased rockstar…. It was at the Mayhem Fest in San Bernardino, in 2008.
    The woman is Jennifer Cazares, the wife of Dino Cazares a renowned metal guitarist. Findable story on google.

    Dolores didn’t know how to manage this cover, which she and The Cranberries had never asked for.

  3. Alyssa

    I thought I was one of the only ones who thought this! It just seemed so odd to me that people were “okay” with the cover gaining so much popularity literally DAYS after she had passed away. I dunno, though I suppose we’re all biased in some way haha – holding the Cranberries so near and dear and all.


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