Asking for your help: Ultra rare bootleg videos on eBay – (UPDATED 3x)

June 7, 2020  |  94 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Dear fellow fans and collectors of The Cranberries,

We’re calling upon your help today as we have recently come upon what could be considered a priceless eBay listing:

Useless to say, we immediately got interested in this treasure which we believe is worth A LOT given how many rare and never-heard-of-before bootlegs it features.
We thus got in touch with the seller to ask for more details before putting so much money into this, we asked for screenshots to check on the quality of these shows and verify if the content listed on eBay corresponds to what really is on these tapes, but the seller fails to send any and states he can’t manage to play the tapes himself.

So we would like to know if any of you, any collectors, have ever known of the existence of these boots or ever traded with this woman from Massachusetts before, and could therefore confirm that if we were to buy these tapes, we would get the shows the seller states are featured on them?

We don’t want to take any risk spending a huge amount of money on something whose content we can’t verify before buying, so we would also like to ask all of you who trust us, not to bid on this auction to help us win it, in return for which we commit to freely and openly share these boots with the fan community if they turn out to be the valuable gems listed here that all of us would surely like to own.

If you have any information or would like to discuss this with us, please feel free to contact us at:
contact [ at ] cranberriesworld [ dot ] com


  • this ebay seller is new to ebay (never a good sign)
  • seller says he has no way of verifying the content of the tapes as the VCR he is giving away in the listing is not working – how can he thus affirm the tapes are in good condition ?
  • not only can’t the seller provide any sample or screenshots, but he also won’t send pics of his sister’s notes or the tags on the tapes – these must exist otherwise how would he know what’s on the tapes ?
  • the seller states his sister’s UK friends filmed the 2 star ** shows, which makes it very surprising these persons would have attended and filmed some early days gigs in Ireland, when the band was still a support act then and had actually never put anything out. As UK citizens, how would these UK friends know about The Cranberries at all at the time ?
  • how could her tapers friends, who are UK citizens, not be aware that Coventry is in England and not in Scotland, especially if they attended these shows themselves to film them ?
  • seller states the Feile 91 concert features on these tapes, though it’s very unlikely the band actually ever played Feile festival in 1991 !!!
  • this person was obviously a major collector of Cranberries bootlegs, trading with some friends abroad, yet her list does not feature bootlegs that were very common and easy to find in the trading circle back then. Why would she only own super rarities and not be interested in commonly shared shows ?
  • if this person was trading with other bootleggers, how come some of the biggest Cranberries collectors who were involved in the 1990s trading circle have never heard of most of these bootlegs before, nor even exchanged with these traders in the past (the sister, or her UK friends) ?

Happy to hear everyone’s thoughts to help us find out if this is all genuine or not.
Please note that whatever happens, we’re still willing to buy these tapes and make sure by ourselves what’s the content on there, to share it with the Cranberries fan community if this happens to be a gold mine.


The seller just added 8 more pics on eBay. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about them (Authentic? or Fake?)

Pink sticker: * on the list
Green sticker: ** on the list

…and from our side, the seller also sent us (one of?) his sister’s notes. Don’t hesitate to let us know how you understand it (the initials, the ratings, the lyrics around etc…)


As many of you noticed, the seller updated the description 2 more times these last days (on the 11th and the 13th) and also added new pics of cd/cassette/LP that will be included with the VHS… or thrown away if winner does not want them!!

We will publish an important update later today…

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94 Responses to Asking for your help: Ultra rare bootleg videos on eBay – (UPDATED 3x)

  1. ML

    I hope you can find out about the veracity of the sale. And that, if so, you can get it and do not fall into the hands of “fans” who only collect to increase their ego and do business. Good luck!

    • Axl

      Finding the veracity of the sale is indeed THE question. That’s exactly why we need the help of everyone, because there must be someone somewhere who knew that girl. Someone who could just confirm the story of the seller… otherwise it would be very very suspicious.

  2. AJ

    This would be so amazing if true that I think it would be worth the risk. Does ebay provide any kind of insurance against scams?

    • Webmaster

      Definitely. Ebay is supposed to provide insurance against scams, but we’re not sure how it’d work if we were to receive 92 shows that are not the ones listed there but some common ones. Would we have to prove this is not the right content ? Are we supposed to buy only if we’re sure it’s legit ?

  3. Sander

    Oh wow Columbus 29-04-1995 is worth the price alone!

  4. Jay wright

    I can definitely tell you that there was a video from the glasgow gig in 94 as i had this vhs many years ago but unfortunately the tape broke and i never thought of getting it fixed as i was only 15 at the time….and the person next to me at wembley arena in 1999 filmed the show….maybe this helps….

    • Axl

      Yes Jay, anything is welcome. Great to know that these videos really exist, it is a good start for sure. Also, you probably noticed that both shows have 2 stars on the list, which means obtained from someone else and it is a copy. Now we need someone to confirm at least a show with 1 star (filmed by that girl).

  5. Anonymous

    The other thing i know for sure is people were filming at the Edinburgh gigs
    But ive always thought it strange that no piks or vids have ever appeared!!!!
    Lets hope that this is the “big find”
    I took a minute long clip of glasow gig on the stars tour and posted it on the fan bit of dolores website back in the day but dont have it anymore…makes me sad to think its gone forever…so many great memories

  6. alexverveboy

    I do not know that woman from the United States I never made deals with her, because I started to make agreements until the beginning of 2006 but I imagine that she belongs to the first generation of fans that over the years they were disappearing or had a low profile because The Cranberries made a very long pause from July 2003.

    That is why her collection is from 1990 to 2003 it sounds logical, also she had her own contacts that I imagine were contemporary fans and friends, they were part of a generation and cycle that disappeared and over the years new generations of collector fans emerged, but the way to get the stuff was based on buying or exchanging the stuff in video and audio.

    But no longer in VHS format but in DVD Movie or VOB format so, maybe that woman collector was not interested in transferring her stuff in VHS to DVD and unfortunately she did not have time because as they describe in the publication that she died of cancer.

    Most of the stuff from The Cranberries concerts, shows, live performances, interviews and documentaries from 1991 to 2004 was transferred from VHS to VOB or DVD Movie format, but this sale of VHS on ebay tells us that a lot of stuff is exclusive and unpublished and… IN VIDEO!!!=D I don’t know most of that stuff I didn’t even know it existed, so they are authentic visual jewels, the price is fair and I would really like to buy that great and amazing collection because … I love everything that exists of Dolores in video alone or with The Cranberries!

    But you team of Cranberries World ask us not to buy this collection because you are going to buy it, if this is the case I will not make any offer but of course I really wish you would buy it, but I won’t because you will buy it, the price is not high it is fair and it is worth the risk, later everything is for … Love to Dolores Always Dolores.

    And if they buy it, hopefully they really give all the fans the opportunity to get those concerts transferred from VHS to DVD, it does not matter if you want to sell or exchange but give that opportunity that all of us who love Dolores deserve, that is my opinion and point of view I send greetings=)

  7. A strange and very dangerous thing: the seller has “0” reputation…

    Another big strange thing… she didn’t have the most of common amateur recordings, like Fairfax’94, Bethlehem’95, Portsmouth’95, Paris’95 and others.

    Positive point: just one inaccurate date: 2-28-99 Washington. It only can be 4-28-99.

    Ask for images of just and ONLY one gig! He MUST give it to buyer!!!

    Ask for more pics of the VHS’s… ask for the “notes” of his sister.

    The problem is that some bids already made… so he’ll sell it in any way!

    • Webmaster

      Hello Felipe, nice to hear from you !
      We totally agree on everything you’re saying, and have asked for sister’s note 3 times, still haven’t received anything yet.
      Most of the bids are from people who have gotten in touch with us by now, so we’re discussing this with everyone to make sure those tapes do not get lost IN CASE this is all genuine (chances it is are very low in our opinion though).
      I’ll just update our post with the reasons why we’re suspicious in a moment.

  8. Jay wright

    With regards to felie 1991..I thought the cranberries played in the hot press tent that year and not on the main stage area?

    • Sue S

      No, they played in the Hot Press tent in 1993. Also, there wasn’t a Hot Press tent at Feile in 1991, Feile 1993 was the first time they added that.

    • Sue S

      I’ve looked through loads of posters, flyers, reviews etc on Feile 1991 and none of them mention The Cranberries

    • Jay wright

      Thanks sue s that makes sense
      I read a blog that said it was 91 but nope thats true it was 1993

    • “Stars” sleeve shows a wristband from Feile’91, but it probably belongs to one of them who attended as viewer guest.

  9. Ncb

    Don’t waste your time and money, someones trying to fool you, clearly fake!!

  10. MB

    Well…. very very strange… especially becouse it seems there are no titles on the tapes… how could she recognize each concert? At the same time the list is so accurate that is impossibile to exclude its authenticity. Maybe she was not very interested in sharing what she filmed, so her tapes never circulated. Anyway, I think you should ask directly to the ebay customer service what’s their policy in case you receive something different from the expected object…

    • Webmaster

      Hi there, we have now received more pics of the tapes which we are going to share in a moment on this post as an update.
      The tapes do actually feature tags in the end.

  11. Another points to say…

    Having a lot of videos filmed by her own, she was a HUGE Cranberries collector. So, is impossible that she don’t had anymore the ticket stubs from the gigs attended by her. Pics of it, all together on the same, are welcome!

    And, if she had so many VHS things, imagine how many audio cassette tapes she collected…

    • AJ

      It seems possible to me that she stored this collection separately.

      Maybe those other items exist in another collection, that her sister doesn’t know about, hasn’t discovered yet, or doesn’t consider to be of value.

    • Webmaster

      Hey Felipe,
      We have asked for her concerts tickets already, we’re waiting for an answer on this, will keep you updated.

  12. wladimir

    Suspicious things:
    – Account since 05 jun 2020
    – A bid. (For sell faster?)
    – Tapes pic without a tag

    “Any show with * next to it means she filmed the show and it is the master tape. Any show with ** next to it means she obtained it from someone else and it is a copy.”

    How do you know exactly details or if is a copy or a master, if the tape is not marked? I can see a little text in the tape of backgrond.

    I would ask by the notes, more pics of tapes, a pic of a tape with tag, pic of her VCR.

    Maybe the seller doesn’t like/know the ebay’s way or something.

    Is a risk but the bid got the ebay warranty of money back, in that case is a 50/50 chance of goal, the customer is protected.

    • Webmaster

      Hi there,
      We have now received more pics of the tapes as well as the sister’s notes, which we are going to share in a moment on this post as an update.
      The tapes do actually feature tags in the end.
      We haven’t asked for a pic of the VCR though but we can if you think it’s important 🙂
      There is an ebay warranty, hence why we want to try to bid (and win) anyway, crossing fingers !!!

  13. Girl

    My opinion adds nothing new.
    I state that, if the story is true, it is obviously very unpleasant, and I find it right that, to “donate” such an extremely precious collection, they ask for money, because, above all, this would be the guarantee that those who will get this collection will be people who, having spent money, will take care of it.

    However, it remains really strange that VHS do not have labels with titles and dates. A very passionate person of a musical group does not have to be a very orderly person, but it is still weird not to have ever placed any label on any VHS …

    Sorry for any mistakes in English.

    • Webmaster

      Hello Girl,
      You’re perfectly right and we have actually received more pics of the tapes which we are going to share in a moment on this post as an update.
      The tapes do actually feature tags in the end.

  14. Sören

    In generel: Everything is possible. Fans are not allways sharing their material with other fans. I am sure that many “unknown” collectors excist. On the other hand: I can not understand why this seller is not willing to provide some screenshots. If I would offer such a collection I would buy a cheap VCR player and check the material. But enough lazy and also stupid people are on ebay, so that does not mean anything. I am also wondering why he is not offering other stuff from that big fan. What about CDs, concet tickets, merchandise etc.? Maybe already thrown away? Also possible.

    I was thinking to bid on that collection, too. But then you really want to buy it and provide the content to the fans I will not bid.

    • Webmaster

      Hey Soren !
      We did ask for concert tickets but nothing else, so CDs and merchandise will be our next question since we think it’s a very good point you’re making here !
      We do commit to share the content with all fans, we’re currently discussing with major collectors to work hand in hand with them on this, win the auction, and share the digitalized tape in a collective effort.

  15. EP

    I think Ebay have pretty good refunds policies. If that is fake, ask refund and that will be the end.

    Does not sound impossible, she seems to end her journey in 2003, probably due to her cancer, many things could happen. For example, someone on twitter seems to have a 91 tape and is almost impossible but is true!

    I say this is a controled risk, but we should take it.

    • Webmaster

      We say the same, EP, that’s why we’re asking people to let us bid and trust us to share the content with everyone 🙂

  16. Sören

    Two of the high bidders have 0 and 1 feedbacks…

  17. Emerald

    I read very carefully all of this and i can add that this is quite possible. So most of the people don’t know every detail pf tha Cranberries, tour etc etc etc so if you don’t want to bid let me know cause i am really interested.

    Many thanks

    • Webmaster

      Hello Emerald, it’s really hard to say if it’s all real or not, but we want to take this risk cause if these tape feature the content listed, it’s a treasure that fans HAVE TO see and enjoy !
      We haven’t changed our mind at all and have now received requests from major collectors to work hand in hand with us on this, letting the CW team bid so that the price doesn’t climb too high, after which we commit to share the content.
      We would keep everyone updated if we were to decide we’re giving up, but we have no reason to at the moment 😉

  18. Enrique

    The seller have added more pics.. And now we can read the notes. bidding is getting higher though..

    • Tony

      Even more suspicious. All the stickers white pink green look brand new. And we can clearly see it’s been recently added by the seller (should I say scammer), just compared to the old pic, stickers were not there!

    • Analyze

      @Tony Look closer because the tapes in the 1st set of pics are facing with the VHSs head, which is the side that flips up when you putt it in the VCR or the top of it. The new pics are with the tapes turned in the other direction. Look at the top one in the stack in front of the boxes of the 1st picttture and compare it to the new picture. The 1st picture the tape is wound all on the left, the tape is att the end, with the head angled towards the camera. The 2nd picture is the tape turned around 180 degrees with the other side with the label showing and tape wound all on the right, indicating that it’s the end of the tape and it needs to be rewinded.

    • Tony

      Funny how the tapes were all the wrong way on the original pic. That’s definitely no luck…
      Thanks for your analyse Analyze, but you look closer. On the left box on the very back (left) one tape is showing the right side and no sticker at all, no white no red or green. Very weird.

    • Webmaster

      Hi guys,
      We’re adding the pics on this post as well, along with the sister’s notes that we received.

      Tony > we share your point of view and noticed the exact same things.
      Still as suspicious as before, but we still wanna check by ourselves what the content of these tapes is and buy them!
      Also, we should soon be receiving screenshots or samples from the seller who’s getting a VCR, so we’ll keep everyone updated on this.

      Thanks to all for your comments !

  19. Anonymous

    Hi! Ebay has a refund policy “eBay Money Back Guarantee. Get the item you ordered or get your money back.”
    If you get them, please share them with the community. Thanks

  20. MB

    Well…. Everything seems very strange… but if also the notes were fake… the seller would be an artist! 🙂

  21. Sören

    I might be wrong, but thouse labels look like as if they have been printed and attached yesterday. Woundering why not a piece of a single label was visible in the first photo. List looks old and authentic.

    Why VHS? In the early 1990s a huge VHS video camera was already old fashioned. People used much smaller Video-8 cameras. Back then it was almost impossible to smuggle a large VHS camera into a concert venue and even the use of smaller Video-8 or Hi 8 camcorders was very risky. I think if these VHS tapes are real, they must be copys from the orig. camcorder tapes. So the question is also: Who owns the master tapes?

    Anyway, if the seller provides screen shots of the content, a first generation copy of the orig. camara tape would be fantastic, too.

    • Tony

      Maybe in Europe but not really true in the US. Both small video 8 tapes and full size vhs were used in camcorders. Obviously vhs ones were a little bigger but who told you she was doing it illegally? Maybe she was authorized. We don’t know that!

    • Webmaster

      Our North American friends say the same as Tony 😉

  22. wladimir

    VHS stickers looks recently added, so brand new. Modern printed. The seller now understand the ebay way.

    In the other hand the sister’s note looks legit, old paper, the holes of notes is aged.

    Looks like she writed questions:

    – What’s you Speed?

    And she answer with cranberries song titles.

    – What’s you Speed?
    – “A Fast One”

    – Can you afford to buy that Diamond?
    – “Still can’t”

    – Do you think Fergal’s is the Hottest?
    – “I still do”

    That is so from a legit female fan.

    Now I think is 70% chances of goal, 30% fake.

    EDIT: Now I think is 78 /22 chances of goal.

    • wladimir

      I’m a risky man.

      I bet 80/20

    • Tony

      I’d say the opposite. 20/80
      An old note is not a proof, it could come from anyone else. Another trader for instance. And the white stickers definitly look too recent for me.

    • Webmaster

      Those stickers do look like they haven’t aged at all indeed… let’s wait for a sample/screenshot to make our mind 🙂

  23. Sander van Duijvenbode

    The tags could have been added (renewed) by the girl herself a year ago or so… they look quite fresh.

  24. claire h

    Those notes are very attractive and artistic. I really hope it works out. It would be so exciting. Honestly the seller can’t get away with sending different shows different from the ones listed, like sending common shows everyone has- that would be unbelievable! But what a bundle of contradictions – a fishy seller with such beautiful notes and artwork.

  25. VikiVix

    Has anyone tried to decrypt these notes? Besides Sound Quality/Video Quality, I think the girl tried to rate Program/Setlist Quality and probably the quality of Location (? (Have no idea what L could mean)). With FB I had difficulties; my final version is that FB might mean First Bootleg, and the letters below are initials of people from who she took these records… Just some of my thoughts…

    • Axl

      for now we think it could be:
      FB: Filmed By
      LQ: Lights Quality or Location Quality
      SQ: Sound Quality
      VQ: Video Quality
      PQ + SLQ: Performance Quality + Set List Quality

  26. Sören

    Common VHS camcorders from the 1990s worked with a smaller sized VHS tape that needed a cassette adapter for replay on a VCR. If this girl was allowed to film thouse shows officially she must have permission from the band or bands management, and I don´t think that this was the case. Anyway, I still think that thouse tapes are copys from the master cam tape, no matter on what format she filmed.

    Another question is what did she filmed? Complete shows?, complete songs? Everybody knews who tryd to film a concert without permission knows how stressfull it can be – especially before before mobile phones or small digital cameras were available.

    • Webmaster

      We asked for the length of the shows, seller can’t confirm anything because he hasn’t seen all of them but as far as he remembers, the ones he saw were full gigs.

  27. Sören

    Is the current high bidder 0***3 one of us?

  28. Ode to Dolores

    I don’t think the seller having no eBay history is necessarily suspicious. Based on the dates involved, it is likely that the seller could be roughly 50 years old and may not have used eBay ever or at least not recently. I bought a lot on eBay in the past, but my account got purged due to non-use many years ago. I’d be starting over from zero if I wanted to sell anything there.

    I do think the overall volume of supposed personally recorded shows is suspicious. There would have been a lot of traveling to go to all of the shows listed as being recorded by the sister herself. If not part of her job, I can’t imagine how she managed to travel to and record so many shows. I recorded a couple shows from this era on audio tape and sneaking the tape recorder in and keeping it hidden was a big challenge.

    • Sören

      You´re right, it was a big challenge in the 1990s to record and especially to film a concert with a video camera. Very few people smuggled a video camera inside a venue back then. Security people always had a look at the audience. Nowdays everybody could film with a smart phone without any problems.

      So let´s hope that this girl was something special and had the posibility to film all thouse shows.

      If possible, the high bidder should went to Boston and check the videos before paying.

    • Webmaster

      Very good points there, thanks for your thoughts on this !

  29. Ode to Dolores

    I just saw their latest update that mentions they’re also throwing in some things including:
    “a short CD called Uncertain from 1991, it only has 4 songs. These are now included to the winning bidder at no extra charge. We will throw them away if you win and don’t want them.”


    Not sure how they know to include “a short CD called Uncertain from 1991” and not other audio bootlegs, singles, and other memorabilia that the sister obviously would have had.

  30. Sören

    Update (6-11-2020) – Bidders are asking for concert tickets and memorabilia. We didn’t find anything when cleaning out our sister’s house. We did find an unlabeled record that was with her Cranberries Music. Full disclosure: we can’t guarantee that it’s The Cranberries. We also found 2 mixed audio cassette tapes – Gaslow 1991-1993 and Best of New York 1993 – and a short CD called Uncertain from 1991, it only has 4 songs. These are now included to the winning bidder at no extra charge. We will throw them away if you win and don’t want them.

  31. wladimir

    I can deduce now that girl was a trader:

    * are copy from a master, not a master

    ** are copy from a regular tape (copy of copy)

    All tapes are the same, same state, I can’t see one tape more older than another, but all taper looks like from an specific point of time, like if some buy the same tapes in 1 year.

    That could explain the letters, she was tagging quality and characteristics of copies:

    PQ + SLQ

    I still thinkin’ content is real, but the seller not know about master quality or something.

  32. Sören

    Woundering why the two high bidders started a bid war that early. Normally that happend in the last few hours or minutes. The price onky gets higher and higher then you start to bid days before the auction ended.

    • Tony

      Because all is fake. Probably the seller increasing the price himself with a friend. ALL IS FAKE. DO NOT BID. SCAMMER FOR SURE.

    • Webmaster

      Does look like fake bidders indeed, unfortunately…

  33. Sören

    I heard that a fan asked the seller if he could bring a VCR to watch a few of the videos before the auction ended. He said yes. A scammer would not do that. I hope that some screen captures will be posted soon!

    It is possible that the seller is tying to increase the price – yes.

    • Webmaster

      Yes he is to meet a bidder to obtain a VCR and then send samples, we’re chasing on this and will keep everyone updated.

  34. wladimir

    The bidders:



    I think are fake bidders for uprise price

    Very supicious behavior
    1***1 US $280.00 6 jun 2020, 7:32:38PM CLT
    1***1 US $250.00 6 jun 2020, 7:32:35PM CLT
    1***1 US $350.00 8 jun 2020, 5:18:20PM CLT
    1***1 US $320.00 8 jun 2020, 5:16:34PM CLT

    0***3 US $510.00 10 jun 2020, 9:26:56AM CLT
    0***3 US $495.00 10 jun 2020, 9:26:45AM CLT
    0***3 US $465.00 10 jun 2020, 9:26:31AM CLT

  35. alexverveboy

    The price of this collection of the cranberries has risen a lot in recent days, which the seller provided as evidence is not strong enough to give more or less validity to this collection, I have met most of the world’s collectors men and women including several of the first generations of fans who made deals and that stuff that is included in this seller’s list was never known.

    Most of the stuff pro shot concerts, shows, live performance, interviews, special documentaries of The Cranberries and Dolores exists in vob or DVD movie format from 1991 onwards, the only thing I need to get is the show at MTV Asia Sessions 2002 in vob format and with good visual quality, It is strange that the female collector fan has stopped following The Cranberries since 2003, if she loved the band and Dolores had to follow her for many more years, love does not end overnight.

    In addition, it is even stranger that if she loved her collection on VHS because she did not have this material organized with titles and having bought several VCRs to have at home and enjoy all that material, it is what a collector does to enjoy what he has achieved with so much effort, If she stopped making deals from 2003 it is because she was not a real collector, a real man or woman collector who really loves Dolores and the band always wants more, having the unpublished collection that she had was able to get much more stuff.

    The seller implies that his sister died of cancer recently, but it is also strange that following the death of Denny Demarchi from Cancer and that Raven Quinn friend of Dolores in 2009 who also suffered from cancer since 2015 but survived, like that the salesman used his sister’s cancer story to give the story a kind of sentimental credibility and it wasn’t really necessary, when making a sale or an agreement personal and intimate details are never mentioned, what we want is stuff from Dolores and the band.

    I have made agreements from the beginning of 2006 to the beginning of 2020 and always, always and always all the collectors and people and fans in the world, we ask for screenshots of the stuff or some small video sample to know if the material offered is really vob format, check its visual quality and of course know if it really exists, that’s the golden rule, no small screenshots or video samples of the stuff cannot be negotiated because there is a risk of scam.

    They say that an image is worth a thousand words and now that the price of this collection went up to a very high price in a few days, it is essential that the seller provide screenshots of some of those concerts, with some screenshots you can immediately check if it is unpublished stuff, the visual quality of it, if they are distant or distant shots, if the VHS are in SP and if they really are master versions or copies of the copies with very poor visual quality, there are many details to take into account when making a agreement but the captures or samples of any visual stuff are 100% fundamental.

    If the seller refuses to provide screenshots on the days remaining for this auction to end, then that collection is totally fake, I like to demonstrate what I express with facts, not with words, so in this link I leave several captures of part of the visual stuff that exists of Dolores and The Cranberries in vob or dvd movie format of my collection:

    We will see what happens with this strange collection that seems more like a false illusion and too good to be true.

  36. wladimir

    I’ve found more clues in pics.

    I bet now is 23% goal, 77% fake .

    If I think in a extreme extreme extreme extreme extreme way… I believe there are no content in tapes, they are virgin tapes, thats could explain why tapes look so brand new.

    Looks carefully… Bidders who are uprising prices look like new ebay’s users like seller. So rare I hope to be wrong.

    • Elena

      I see this pictures and notes but I thinks you are wrong.

      The smile face is next to word best on 1 label and on the other she write frown under word pain and heart instead of dot on i when she write words mixed tape.

      Their is cracking at bottom left of cassette case.

      Confiscate note she write 4th song. mean show incomplete, she scribble out

      Seller want to throw away anything with no sentement (ok word?) or money value. We can’t keep everything our family leave behind.

      Person who bid 2 time in 12 seconds make small bids but other person have made big max bid. Must continue bidding small to no bid too much.

      Me bet 80% real/20% fake.


    • EP

      It doesn’t look new at all, but the labels are. This people does not dedicare their life on selling, actually I did a new account just to bid, same could happen to them, they create an account on Ebay, which is the only way to sell this kind of items.

      Regarding the notes SEEMS TOTALLY TRUE, not shaky or fake, this is what a fan could do, I personally made a few setlist on my notebooks at college with the sane vibe.

      I truly hope that they will send samples this weekend, but is very difficult to play a Vhs these days, who on earth still have a working Vhs on their homes?

      There could be a way that Cranberries World bidders could call directly the sellers?
      I also hope the bid will not increase too much in the upcoming days.

  37. EP

    In the new images you can see a Cassette tape of Glasgow 91 and 93 with words
    “She calls, she calls” “take it all take it all” these are lyrics of an unknown song played only in Glasgow 93, even a hard fan like Juanberries couldn’t tell me what was that.
    If this is scam, they are doing an amazing job.
    My bet is 90% real and 10% false.

    Also I we are still finding tapes that never surface internet before. A London 92 show and detroit 94 also surfaced internet recently.

    In twitter a guy said he has a tape of 91 with Dolores looking back to the audience! And this is also a really early show!!

    Crossing fingers that this seller will provide samples or photos of the content this weekend.
    Let’s be optimistic that will happen!

    • wladimir

      If that unknown song is in that tape. The bid worth every penny. I don’t know what think now.

    • EP

      Only a few could know about the lyrics of this inedit song. Also the cassette has a “Terror rains” text, and probably is another inedit song from that other Glasgow 91 tape, that could explain why she transfered the audio of both shows to that cassette.

  38. Emerald

    I understand that we need to be careful but all these infos are COHERENT not the opposite. The deal is real and of course what is “scary” is the price levitating but it is normal. It is a super rare package did you expect to pay for that 200$?!?!?!?!

    It is crazy if just one of you would have thought that all these tapes would worth few dollars…

  39. Sören

    Did somebody asked if it would be possible to return the tapes if the content is not what the seller is claiming?

    Meanwhile I think that this seller has no experience in selling stuff on ebay, otherwise he would have provided the later added stuff earlier.

    My thoughts:

    1. The hand written notes and MCs look old and original..

    2. The tapes look newer and the labels, too. The 8 hour RCA video cassette, that can be seen in the first photo, has the same design than a US 6 hour and 8 hour high grade RCA cassette that I have in my collection and the coyright on the back says 2003 and 2004. Earlier RCA tapes have a complete different design. That proofs that at least a part of thouse tapes is not from 1990s but from the early 2000s (by the way: Why are most of the cardboard covers missing?).

    3. It is always possible that unknown material excists. We only know material that circulates in the fan community. But many many people that filmed concerts are not organized fans and never swapped or uploaded videos on youtube.

    Concerning what alexverveboy says about “Real” fans: It is not uncommon that a huge fan and collector lost interest for whatever reason. I know a lot of fans (from different artists) that spend most of their money on records and concerts and changed their minds 100% and decided to sell all the stuff.

    Like I said before: The best would be if you guys buy this collection and check the collection in Boston before you pay the seller. Maybe a US fan who lives not to far away from Boston could do this for you.

  40. bob foley

    I would think some members of the Cranberries look at this site occasionally. Or hopefully someone from this site has the ability to contact one of them. Either way, perhaps they can verify some of the rare songs, concerts in question. Veracity of these tapes is paramount.

  41. Sören

    On Jun-13-20 at 11:02:41 PDT, seller added the following information:

    More FAQ’s

    “Will you ship outside the US?” If there aren’t any weird missing package issues in your country, yes. Full disclosure: you pay for shipping outside the US.

    “Can I see samples before I buy?”
    I brought in the following VHS to be transferred yesterday –
    Limerick Ireland 11-10-90
    Thurles Ireland 8-9-91
    Boston USA 10-13-93
    Gettysburg USA 11-4-94
    They’re on a rush order. Should be done tomorrow by end of business.

    “I live close to Boston and have a VCR, can I verify your tapes?”

    Yes. We must practice CDC social distancing guidelines. We will meet in a public parking lot – Franklin Zoo, Gas Station, Hotel, Grocery Store, etc. I will bring my camper with an extension chord and 18″ LCD TV. I will sanitize the TV using Clorox disinfectant wipes. You will do the same with you VCR. I will provide the disinfectants. You will plug in your VCR. I will insert up to 10 VHS Tapes of your choosing for up to two minutes each. You may take pictures or video recordings. Must stay 6 feet apart at all times and wear gloves when touching chords and electronics.

    If you are satisfied and want the VHS Tapes, you can make me an offer. If we come to an agreement, you may make the bid on eBay during our meeting. I will accept your bid and end the auction early with the sell to the highest bidder option. Once the payment goes through, you can take all of the VHS tapes with you, excluding the 4 listed above that are being transferred. I will ship you the 4 remaining VHS Tapes, 2 audio cassettes, Uncertain CD and unlabeled record within 3 business days of the original transaction.

    • EP

      This is very encouraging! 4 transfered by tomorrow and they are open to people go and check the files! this is finally taking shape!!

      I bet now is 92% goal, 8% fake, but the bid has increased, maybe because of the new information.

    • Ode to Dolores

      This last update seems slightly sketchy to me (unless there is an eBay feature I am unaware of).

      Suppose someone views the tapes and offers a large premium over the current bids (like $5,000). If the seller agrees to that and wants to complete the transaction early for that amount via eBay, they would need the buyer to bid $5,000 and have someone else bid just under $5,000 to actually push the active bid that high. Assuming the seller understands how eBay bidding works, this implies that they have a shill bidding account that they are using now or plan to use. Or they expect someone to win the bid on eBay and actually pay a much greater amount and the buying protections for the full amount.

    • alexverveboy

      Finally the seller understood that he must demonstrate with facts and not with words or stories, if that collection of The Cranberries really is real and the only way to demonstrate it and with what he is finally doing by transferring some concerts on VHS and demonstrating that they are real, also giving extra options so that people who wish to bid verify that it is something real, then if it shows screenshots tomorrow June 14 or before the auction ends, that will show that this collection is real and we will see what happens and see if someone manages to buy it.

    • Barry

      That auction is such a joke. The More FAQ’s are such a joke. Everything is fake. Such a sales pitch. And do not forget your disinfectants!!
      For sure someone will make an offer and the auction will disapear, end of the fake story.

  42. wladimir

    I’m sure 0**3 bidder (and seller too) is lookin’ this site and uprisin’ price. I’m sure the are not master tapes

    I’m not sure about 0**1.

    Easily bidder could obtain info of 1993 Glasgow show here and write the cassette, or record it if were a very good scammer.

    I’ve seen better scams. 1 day left and seller not upload pics or something?…..

    My final words…is a scam. Well played. I can bet 0**3 will win auction, or a 2nd place at least.

  43. Emerald

    haahahhhaha Typical when someone don’t have the budget is instantly a Scam.

    To me it does look credible and that’s the reason why the price is increasing!

  44. Sören

    So if you want to see some video captures before you bid, you have to meet this guy in person? He will NOT upload any captures before the auction ends? Never ever such an auction again, please!

  45. Dan

    Item is gone.


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