The Weekend Mix – A Chat With… Fergal Lawler

June 19, 2020  |  6 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

New interview with Fergal Lawler published on Facebook and YouTube just a few days ago.

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6 Responses to The Weekend Mix – A Chat With… Fergal Lawler

  1. Emerald

    Who knows what will have the No Need To Argue Box Set…i think if there is something that is really rare we will find the material this time on the anniversary box set. Otherwise we will never get any never heard bside…

    fingers crossed!

  2. Sören

    I like that interview. It includeds a lot of informations that I don´t know before.
    Box Set: Even if no “unknown” song excists, they could include outtakes amd working parts. It would be great to hear some studio chatting, too.

  3. Girl

    Has Fergal said a specific date?
    (unfortunately it is very difficult for me to understand spoken English well)


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