NNTA 25th Anniversary Edition – September 18th (3 UPDATES)

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Amazon.co.uk just revealed that a 2-disc version of NNTA will be released on 18 September 2020 featuring the below tracks:

1. Ode To My Family
2. I Can’t Be With You
3. Twenty One
4. Zombie
5. Empty
6. Everything I Said
7. The Icicle Melts
8. Disappointment
9. Ridiculous Thoughts
10. Dreaming My Dreams
11. Yeats’ Grave
12. Daffodil Lament
13. No Need To Argue
14. Yesterday’s Gone (MTV unplugged)
15. Away
16. I Don’t Need
17. So Cold In Ireland
18. (They Long To Be) Close To You
19. Zombie (A Camel’s Hump Remix by The Orb)

1. Song To My Family (Magic Shop Demos)
2. So Cold In Ireland (Magic Shop Demos)
3. Empty (Magic Shop Demos)
4. Ridiculous Thoughts (Magic Shop Demos)
5. Everything I Said (Magic Shop Demos)
6. Yeats’ Grave (Magic Shop Demos)
7. Serious (Demo)
8. Away (Demo)
9. I Don’t Need (Demo)
10. Dreaming My Dreams (Liverpool Royal Court 14.10.1994)
11. Daffodil Lament (Liverpool Royal Court 14.10.1994)
12. The Icicle Melts (Liverpool Royal Court 14.10.1994)
13. No Need To Argue (Liverpool Royal Court 14.10.1994)
14. Empty (Liverpool Royal Court 14.10.1994)
15. I Can’t Be With You (National Stadium, Milton Keynes, 30.07.1995)
16. Ridiculous Thoughts (National Stadium, Milton Keynes, 30.07.1995)
17. Zombie (National Stadium, Milton Keynes, 30.07.1995)

The description reads:

“Expanded reissue of No Need to Argue – the second studio album by Irish alternative rock band The Cranberries. Originally released in 1994, the album was the band’s highest-selling shifting over 17 million copies worldwide and contains the band’s most successful single Zombie. The expanded 2LP features the remastered album plus three b-sides, Yesterday’s Gone and the band’s cover of the Carpenters (They long to be) Close to You. Includes a 5,000 word sleevenote on the history of the album written by the band’s archivist Eoin Devereux who wrote the sleevenote to the reissue of their debut album.”

This obviously should be the 25th Anniversary Edition [Remastered and Expanded] although it is not specified for now. We should know more about it in the upcoming hours.

Thanks to Yann for the link!

UPDATE – JULY 8 – 6:10 PM (BST) 

Official title: “No Need To Argue (Remastered and Expanded)”
To be released on 2CD and 2LP.
Release date confirmed.
Press Release here.

UPDATE – JULY 8 – 8:20 PM (BST) 

Amazon UK has now added the titles on their pages concerning this “Remastered and Expanded” edition (no 25th Anniversary edition references anywhere!) and they clearly mixed up their listings between the Double LP and the Double CD editions. There is also a 1CD edtion, and all 3 versions are available for pre-order now.

2LP: £25.22
2CD: £11.99
1CD: £7.99

No sign of a boxset nor a dvd!

UPDATE – JULY 8 – 9:30 PM (BST) 

These versions are also available on udiscovermusic.com, thesoundofvinyl.com and recordstore.co.uk, where you can even buy a fourth (and exclusive?) Transparent Vinyl version.

udiscovermusic.com – 2LP (Transparent Vinyl): €26.99

thesoundofvinyl.com – 2 LP (Transparent Vinyl): €26.99

recordstore.co.uk – 2 LP (Transparent Vinyl): €26.99


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20 Responses to NNTA 25th Anniversary Edition – September 18th (3 UPDATES)

  1. Anonymous

    Will it released on CD as well or vinil only?

  2. Monica

    Just read the press release, amazon clearly listed the 2 cd version with a picture of the double vinyl. So amazon!!
    I’m quite disapointed there is no dvd a nounced yet. Let’s hope the band will announce some more stuff on thei livestream

  3. Anon

    Very disappointed in the lack of material on this. Much less than the eeid 25th annv reissue. And its odd theres no demo of zombie, their biggest hit. They could have used the full version of the zombie demo on the doors and windwos cd. It used to be a lot faster song. Was hoping for at least one song we have never heard before.

    • Mike Sniadecki

      I was so hoping for Zombie Demo as well! Wish they could included MTV Unplugged it needs to be released on DVD! Such a great performance

  4. Emerald


    Nothing new that’s a big disappointment.

  5. Disappointment

    I agree with everyone, if that’s it, it’s such a « disappointment » really! No full live, when so many are available from this era (stuff as common as the MTV Unplugged) ?!? No Zombie demo when we know some exist. No bonus DVD feat rare performances? The EEIDI 25th anniversary boxset looked much more complete although it was rushed.
    We waited a full year for THIS? Poor work from Universal here, Not too exciting to say the least.

  6. Let’s keep in mind this listing is tentative and that it pertains to the 2 Disc Edition of the release. A super deluxe 4 Disc Edition might also be forthcoming.

  7. Patrick

    Glad to see “Yesterday’s Gone” officially released, at long last. I was hoping for the full “MTV Unplugged” set, “Zombie” in particular, as that was always my favorite version of the song. Oh, well, I’ll take what i can get. Fingers crossed for a TTFD 25th anniversary edition.

  8. Yann

    The sound is remastered, they worked on it… that’s the main thing. We are going to rediscover the album, like with the 4K video of Zombie. But they could have added a live cd from 1995 which would have justified a box set. Just to say, Chris Cornell won a Grammy Award this year for Best Recording Packaging for the Soundgarden’s box set (super Deluxe 4CD, 1DVD, and 180-gram 7LP limited-edition color vinyl box set holds 88 tracks, 64 songs plus 24 videos)… It was an opportunity for The Cranberries to win a Grammy, or a nomination …

  9. Eddie

    I really hope there will be more announcement like a box set because it does not look like that at all. I want a dvd/bluray. I want woodstock full performance in HD (yes it exists) I want Dublin Point Depot 1995 full show on a cd. Come on guys, all this is very disappointing for now!

  10. Lorenz

    Why they dont use their website, all this different stores pfff.

  11. Warchild/Human Spirit

    Come on guys, we have 9 Demo versions of songs that we’ve never heard before! Including a never before released studio version of Serious! That’s HUGE! We also have 5 songs that have never appeared on a bootleg or youtube before, for a total of 14 never before heard tracks! I agree, we should have received a Zombie demo because we already had part of it on Doors and Windows. Honestly though, this is good. For all the people asking for MTV Unplugged, Woodstock and other TV performance DVD/Blue-Rays… please understand that neither The Cranberries or the record company own these performances. They will have to pay A LOT of money to buy the rights and it would not make any financial sense to do that because of the current asking prices of the copyright holders (viacom, who owns MTV, etc). Let’s all be grateful for what we’re getting 🙂

  12. Pedro

    I kinda like the demos (wow serious!!!!!) but I can’t believe there is no zombie demo and at least one full live show from this great era. EEIDI 25 was indeed more complete.

  13. Francois

    All the demos and “Serious’ is huge gift!! But it’s weird to me they didn’t include all the live versions from the singles… ‘Twenty one’ live from ‘Ridiculous thoughts’ single is phenomenal.

  14. alyssa

    I agree though, it’s strange that there’s nothing on their website (yet) and no sign of a box-set even though it was mentioned on the livestream (not by them, but by the interviewer). I suspect we’d have to wait, but if that’s the case why have this pre-order available if there’s going to be a box-set later? Just confusing in my opinion.

  15. Melvin

    Is “Song To My Family” a new song?

  16. wladimir

    But “National Stadium, Milton Keynes, 30.07.1995” not was a released bootleg?

    • Andy

      Totally! I can remember the full show broadcast on the radio (BBC maybe?) and then many bootleg cd’s appeared afterwards. I think the crans also published some of the tracks as single B-sides, I can’t remember which tracks exactly.

  17. Ed Randazzo

    Salvation is a bonus cut on 3 of the Free to Decide singles.


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