“NNTA (Remastered)” now available to buy on The Cranberries online store

July 10, 2020  |  9 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The 2LP, 2CD, 1CD versions of “No Need To Argue (Remastered)” are now available to buy on The Cranberries official online store but not the Transparent Vinyl version (yet?).

Interesting fact, the edition on the store is simply titled “Remastered” and not 25th Anniversary nor Expanded, even if description reads “Remastered and expanded versions of No Need To Argue”.

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9 Responses to “NNTA (Remastered)” now available to buy on The Cranberries online store

  1. The Original MB

    I will never pre-order something ever again, our copy of In The End came two weeks after the release date… I hope our local music store will carry the double CD.

    That being said, I can’t be the only one who thinks this is a bit of a let-down? Of course, Serious and to have Zombie with an awesome (louder!) mix is already worth every penny, but I really expected the same thing as the Everybody Else box set. I was looking forward to having something special (especially since this is their most significant album in my opinion), with posters and pictures and a beautiful box and such… Oh well, we mustn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, right?

    I hope there will be merchandise…

    • Cranfan

      Totally agree with that. The Everybody box set was so perfect, I expected exactly the same for No Need (well in white actually!) but it seems there is no box set planned. I can’t believe it. Disapointement for me. And about Serious, well… It’s nice but it should have been on the Everybody box set.

  2. Sören

    It would be a big disapointment if no box version will be released. Even if no unreleased songs excist, they could use outtakes, undupped songs, studio chats and some rare live versions. I also expect a nice booket with rare photos and memorabiilia. All possible!

  3. Sören

    OK, I just saw that the two CD set includes rare stuff! Maybe the box was too expensice to produce and a bad seller? In Germany it is now available in the shops for 19 Euros.

  4. alexverveboy

    The box set that celebrated the 25th anniversary of The Cranberries’ first album was a project that Dolores wanted make reality since 2017, Noel commented after this box set was released in 2019 that there was not enough material for another box set of the No Need To Argue cycle, even so Universal decided to search and search and managed to put together these two CDs, which are remastered versions, only for the second CD with the demos it is worth buying this remastered and expanded edition=D

  5. Sören

    Pre orders make only sence if the pre ordered release comes with an extra. In this case it could be a nice alternate photo of the cover or some special merchandie. So easy to do somethig special. I got 100 ideas…

  6. Ed Randazzo

    Keep in mind that the band doesn’t always have a complete say as to what they’d like to release. There are copyright laws and restrictions, along with red-tape, to consider.

    I’m sure all involved compiled the absolute best reissue possible considering every circumstance.


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