RARE PICS: Noel and Fergal backstage at Theatre Royal in 1994(?)

July 14, 2020  |  6 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Other News

Rare photos from 1994(?) taken backstage at Theatre Royal in Limerick during a break when The Cranberries were recording “Zombie”. Fergal had just cut his long hair and Noel cut his shortly after for the “Zombie” video.

Fergal and Noel with Seamus Flynn – former owner of the Theatre Royal – his wife Patricia and his son Darragh. Photo credits: Laurie (Fergal’s wife).

Thanks to Seamus for the pics and story behind!

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6 Responses to RARE PICS: Noel and Fergal backstage at Theatre Royal in 1994(?)

  1. Great pics, but I’m not sure it’s from 1994! Noel’s hair was short in the whole year! Just look it at London Astoria (January), Fleadh Festival (June), Woodstock (August)… impossible to grow at this size!

    • Axl

      Totally agree with you Felipe… the problem is we only reported what Seamus told us. However we have serious doubts about the year as well. In my humble opinion those pics were taken in 1995 or 1996, but in that case Seamus’s story (pictures taken during a break when they were recording Zombie) just does not match. It is still a possibility that Seamus mixed up some of his memories.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Axi, I am sorry if I have lead ye astray on this , I was picking up on conversations between Darragh and Fergal and maybe in a Senior moment I’ve got it all wrong , I’m glad you and the fans will correct the record , I didn’t realise they were still coming into the Royal in 95/96 as they were seldom home in those years , I will investigate further and come back to you , Greetings from Limerick stay safe all of you ,

    • Axl

      No worry at all Seamus! To be honest, it is not always easy to remember everything something like 25 years after. Nothing to do with a senior moment LOL. And by the way, the most important is that you lived the moment and have those pics for memory, so nice of you to share them with everyone. Thank you once again.

    • XC

      1996 for me. Maybe between september and the end of the year (or even early 97) when they had to come home after Dolores breakdown. In 1995 Fergal had different glasses for sure.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Axi , I have just looked in to Zombie on utube it has 1Billon and 29 million hits , it passed the 1 Billon Mark on the 18th of April which means it has had 10 million hits each month since then , Can this be true ?
    what a magnificent tribute you and the fans have created for The Cranberries , it is so humbling that a piece of art created in a shed in Limerick has rippled all around the World , a little girl I knew would be very pleased, May she Rest in Peace


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