First images of the “No Need To Argue (Remastered)” edition

August 18, 2020  |  6 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The previews of the artwork of the NNTA (Remastered) editions, LP and CD, appeared for the 1st time today on eBay.
One may note that unlike the “EEIDI 25th Anniversary Edition” there is no mention of a “25th Anniversary Edition” nor an “Expanded Edition” on the artwork, just an ordinary sticker.

Sources: eBay, eBay

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6 Responses to First images of the “No Need To Argue (Remastered)” edition

  1. Emerald

    Very unsatisfied version of this album i was expecting totally different way to celebrate this masterpiece.

    So strange. Mah.

    • A.J.

      Totally agree with you. Not even a box set or a few goodies with it, just a poor sticker. Deceiving.

  2. Sören

    I am wondering if more unreleased stuff of The Cranberries will be released in the future, or if this will be the last enhanced abum.

  3. Romulo D.

    Underwhelming. I was really expecting a beautiful deluxe box set.

  4. Yann

    The band has uploaded on Youtube Daffodil Lament (Remastered 2020); with a richer sound and a deeper bass

  5. Daffodil lament 1994

    I don’t think that’s the real one. It’s not due out until September!


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