“The Essential Cranberries” 3CD boxset by Spectrum (UPDATED 2x)

April 20, 2021  |  6 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

A new 3CD boxset to be released by Spectrum (the record label who already released Dreams The Collection) and titled “The Essential Cranberries” or “Essential Cranberries” or maybe just “Essentials” has been spotted on Amazon.co.ukwowhd.co.uk and merchbar.com recently.

According to Amazon, it is to be released on 30 April 2021 and according to other websites it is to be released on 7 May 2021. There is no tracklist information for now and artwork might be very uncertain as already seen before (for example on 606Musix).

Even though the 30th of April is the exact release date of the album “To The Faithful Departed”, this boxset has probably nothing to do with a 25th Anniversary Edition!

Special thanks to Dan for the links.


Nothing was released on May 7th.
Could be the usual mistake due to the American style of writing dates, which could mean to be released on July 5th!
To be continued…


This was never released in the end!
Don’t pay attention to the “OUT OF STOCK” mention on merchbar.com, it was never in stock!

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6 Responses to “The Essential Cranberries” 3CD boxset by Spectrum (UPDATED 2x)

  1. emerald

    It will be the same songs over and over…


    • Jay

      True. Just another best of. Not interesting at all. Even the cover sucks. I sincerely hope there ´ll be a better one than this one.

  2. Giusy

    I want the 25th Anniversary Edition of To The Faithful Departed and all the other albums … if possible …

  3. Sören

    The artwork is also boring. So many rare photo to shoose from.



  5. Pitaff

    Well, nothing was released yet. Might be 5 july and not exactly 7 may. that bloody non sense american way of writing dates really is pain in the ass. And about the resellers, for fuck sake can’t they just write the month in full instead of a figure. so confusing.


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