“To The Faithful Departed” 25th Anniversary

April 30, 2021  |  5 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

“To The Faithful Departed” turns 25 today.
Happy anniversary to this masterpiece released on 30 April 1996.

« To the faithful departed and those left behind, there is a light that never dies »

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5 Responses to “To The Faithful Departed” 25th Anniversary

  1. Francois

    Amazing album. Moving. Powerful. Apparently it didn’t sell as much as expected. I don’t know. In France the first 3 singles were every where on radio and tv.

    • samand

      well salvation and couple other songs were over preachy ,and singles on this album was a choose especially salvation and free to decide, any other songs would work better imagine video of Electric blue.

  2. Emmy

    One of my fav. Can’t wait for a 25th anniversary deluxe rerelease.

    • Emerald

      The thing is that even if they release apparently seems that no unreleased tracks are in the closet..
      If true i would like to have an entire unrelated live concert from that tour…that would be a great bonus especially if in HQ!

  3. Girl

    Yyyyyyyyyyeeeesss! My favorite together with NNTA!!! 😀
    I hopet it so much! Thank you!!!


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