Noel Hogan’s official website updated

June 18, 2021  |  5 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Noel Hogan

On Facebook and Instagram, Noel Hogan invited fans to check out his official website

The website launched in December 2020 now includes a lot of different sections.

On the links section, some readers may have noticed a brand new project called between two and its soon to come website (

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5 Responses to Noel Hogan’s official website updated

  1. J.

    Between two. Intriguing. Great name for a new project. Is it band or solo?

  2. MD

    between two without capital letters just like the cranberries. Nice! Now I am curious and waiting for new music

  3. Emedald

    between two involves unreleased Dolores material or nothing to do about it?!?

    • JB

      Only noel knows for now. I guess unreleased dolores materiel would be released under the name cranberries (or just dolores if this would come from her solo work like 2007/2009). It can’t be any other way.
      That between two stuff is only a new project for noel solo in my opinion. Or maybe noel and mike which coukd explain that name. No fergal for sure otherwise it’d be the cranberries!!

    • Emerald

      Yeah….we know for sure that there is plenty of unreleased tracks by Dolores from 2005 onward and specially in beetween 2007 amd 2010!!!! Hope the curators of her business will be so kind to realease them even if we have to pay 1.000$ per album!!


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