Dolores O’Riordan, the comic biography by Edizioni BD

August 1, 2022  |  1 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Dolores O'Riordan, The Cranberries

The Italian publisher Edizioni BD announced on Facebook last 5 July, a comic biography (!?) about Dolores O’Riordan to be released after the Summer.

Not much information for now, except a sample drawing (or could it be the front cover, edit: it’s not!) and the names of the authors: Micol Beltramini for the text/words (in Italian obviously) and Francesca Ciregia for the drawings.

No price and no pre-order for now. To be continued…

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  1. IrishDee

    A comic biography, so Dolores’ life in a comic strip book. Sounds interesting, and the drawings are very nice

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