The Puro’s new single and website

August 19, 2022  |  9 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Noel Hogan

The Puro’s new single “Goodbye” is out today. A brand new website is also available at

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9 Responses to The Puro’s new single and website

  1. Daffodil Lament

    Hilarious or jus sad ??

  2. nexverry

    She sounds too much like Dolores. In some parts it’s like I hear D.
    I think Noel should have found someone else, with different voice.

  3. Tipsy

    What i don’t get is why going in the same style he used to work with Dolores?!?? He could have made 1000 Monoband albums and they would have been great but pitting Mell into this territory is quite stupid. It probably means that he is looking to do gigs and inserting in the setlist cranberries songs!?

  4. Fernando Oliveira

    Para mim, esse projeto soa como uma triste tentativa de substituir Dolores O’Riordan.

  5. Fernando Oliveira

    To me, this project sounds like a sad attempt to replace Dolores O’Riordan.

  6. Girl

    Sounds like a joke. Bad taste.
    It’s the most foolish thing a member of the Cranberries (as well as a member of the Doors, or Queen, or Nirvana, or any other band headed by an iconic missing voice) could do. I just can’t understand a choice like this. It is embarrassing.


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