Out today: “Law Of Return” by The Puro

October 14, 2022  |  10 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Noel Hogan

The Puro’s 5-track EP “Law Of Return” is out today on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music.

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10 Responses to Out today: “Law Of Return” by The Puro

  1. Z.

    Just listened to it. Not that bad. My favorite is shortcuts and atalhos, both a bit similar by the way.

    • keoki

      well, they are the same song actually in different languages

    • Lisa T.

      Yes same song and its pretty boring. Are they gonna do this for each song??
      Make a choice ffs. Either english either portugese. Sure there can be songs in english and portugese but different ones. About the ep Shortcuts is the only very good one for me. So cranberries in everything. I can understand why some fans hate the project when listening to that one.

  2. Daffodil Lament

    The music = Bland. The Lyrics = It seems like she don’t believe the words she sings.

  3. Xaby

    I think that insisting on this project is counterproductive. The more songs I listen to, because despite the rejection I feel for Mell (in the context of an imitator of Dolores O’Riordan, because she has put the label on herself by limiting herself to representing her) to give an opinion you have to listen.
    To round off the effect, Dolores O’Riordan and The Cranberries have composed ‘Shortcuts’, which could very well be a new song by the Cranberries because their music is not far from different and Mell’s way of singing is piecemeal, not her, but Dolores. , it is clear that the voice will never be the same as Dolores.

    It makes me reflect that Noel has shaped this project to somehow mourn Dolores, to miss her so much as a friend, companion and in a musical project that would make her relive that past, to feel that Dolores is still alive. somehow.
    Dolores never really died, because I feel her somewhere, alive. The projection of her, however, is being conducted by Mell Peck and it is so reductionist and sad, as if Dolores, a person, had been an instrument, an element that can be hologrammed and replaced. Dolores was authentic and pure, I say it from the perception without knowing her literally in the closest and deepest, but from what she showed to the world, that was transmitted.
    I wonder why Noel and Mell called this project: “LO PURE” when in my opinion there is nothing pure about it, there is no feeling conveyed by the voice of this woman, who technically will be as good a singer as she wants to be, but Dolores had the same technique but her voice was heartfelt and alive, it was very expressive of emotionality.
    When I listen to Mell, I don’t hear her real voice, because it’s not her.

    I’m sorry if anyone offends these impressions. I’m not the one to tell Noel what he should or shouldn’t do or shouldn’t do. Him and his will to create is wonderful, because life goes on and he is a great guitarist and composer to stagnate in the past. But if ‘Cry baby’ seemed more like a very surprising piece and even with Mono Band he bet on distancing himself more from Cranberries, something that both he and Dolores, in their solo careers, had a hard time getting out of the shadow of Cranberries musically .
    If Noel has lacked perhaps it is more sensitivity from the inside out for “choosing” Mell with the sensitivity that this entails, still not doing something even worse than it would be if they had continued as Cranberries and her as a singer, but although the form is camouflaged, precisely the background looks the same.

  4. Robert

    I really wish Noel best and respect his work but this is horrible.
    Music is good but you can’t do it like that with Mel’s voice and overall feeling. It is sad and embarassing.

  5. alexverveboy

    The voice of Mell Peck sound like the vocalist of the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs Karen O in reality not Is anything new Is a project focus in the people of Brasil not of all the world, Noel think that with Mell togheter have success in that country but in reality not exist many fans from hell neither collector of Brasil today… The only good thing Is that Mell Peck not look neither Is a copy of Dolores, so Mell and Noel only make some new but that in my opinión not Is music for people and fans that love still to dear Dolores always Dolores

    • Xaby

      I agree with you that it is muskca for new fans and especially unconditional fans of Cranberries and Brazil more than anything. But I do not share that she does not want to do it conscientiously, she is oblivious to the resemblance of Dolores, I refuse to say that it is the same voice, because Dolores her voice was unique and transmitted, I only think that Noel has always liked more to work with female voices but I had never collaborated with one that was precisely more in line with Dolores. I dare to say that if Dolores lifted her head it would not be very funny, another thing is that she did not value that timbre of her voice, it is also true that if she were alive, obviously The Pure would not exist. I would have preferred Noel more along the lines of Mono Band, I would have avoided this bittersweet thing, but come on, I am the one who is the problem in not accepting this project and I simply dissent. But it’s not really new music, for me the experimental is what Fergal has done.

  6. Tispy

    The Puro are a pale copy of Dolores.

    I agree Mono Band was the real ALTERNATIVE project. He should have parsued that path.

    I hope that he does not organize concerts with the cranberries setlist.

    • keoki

      They’re doing it already, with Cran songs on the setlist. For me was clear from the very first mometn Noel announced the project with such a similar voice (in spite of his previews declarations about not to look for a substitute)


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