The Puro live in concert in São Paulo yesterday

October 21, 2022  |  9 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Noel Hogan

The Puro gave their first ever concert yesterday in São Paulo at Rockambole opening for the band Leela. The Puro playing at 21:30 and Leela at 22:30

This was the only concert planned in Brazil for now. Noel Hogan was on acoustic guitar, Mell Peck on vocals (and sometimes on guitar as well) and a third guy named Binho on keyboards and accordion (!!)

A more or less 55-min show originally planned with 9 songs including a new one (The Cure) and 2 Cranberries covers (Shattered, Zombie) but in fact 10 songs were played due to a real encore not appearing on the setlist sheet. If anyone knows which song was added, please let us know!
EDIT: the 10th song was “Além Dos Meus Olhos”

Attendance was possibly 100-150 people in the venue. Not that bad for a first!

  • SETLIST (thanks to Higor Matheus Santos on Instagram)

The Puro published 2 photos of the show on their socials (Instagram, Facebook)

Many photos and videos appeared on socials posted by the fans.
Photos below published by Elen Almeida on Instagram

The band Leela published a photo with Noel and Mell on Instagram

Note that Cranberries Brasil published a lot of small videos on their Instagram Stories available for 1 day only and one fan, Caroline Santos Lacerda, filmed almost two third of the show live on Instagram from the balcony on the right. Special thanks to her, you rock!

Noel Hogan arrived in Brazil almost a week before the show and rehearsed with the band since Monday 17 October. Noel and Mell also gave a few interviews on local media. Photos were published on the band’s socials during the whole week.

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9 Responses to The Puro live in concert in São Paulo yesterday

  1. Carolina

    I did a live almost the entire show, my friends have access.

    Carolina Montes
    The Cranberries Brasil team

  2. Lilian Lira (Susy BR)

    We made posts of all the songs and many photos, all the fans who were present spoke with Noel and Mel who took pictures with each one and signed various materials. They were wonderful!
    CranberriesBr announced and many fans of our page attended and enjoyed the wonderful night, it was beautiful!

  3. Mike Sniadecki

    Oh would love to see that!

  4. Xaby

    In the end this is not about music from the heart and respect, but about pure business without more and they are all numbers. While many fans are blind to that vision, they are only left with the superficial. I’m sure that if The Cranberries got together tomorrow and did a concert with Dolores as a hologram, people would go and not see the matter in terms of artificiality and insensitivity. When Dolores died, Noel took sides with his representative @thelegalowl to have power over the songs that were not only his but those that Dolores had written alone, something that was caused by the lack of Bad Wolves with their version ‘Zombie’ and what they raised. In the end, everything is an economic fight, but not least Noel and having every right as co-founder of the band Cranberries, this has served him, for example, in subtly fitting a singer imitating Dolores O’Riordan, the songs of The Cranberries that she became known covering as ‘Zombie’, ‘Shattered’ and will probably drop ‘Ode To My Family’ on some set. No one sees that if any other singer with a different timbre of voice and different from Dolores sang it, this indignation would not happen, it is all because Dolores O’Riordan has to remain as the only voice in her own songs and more out of respect that she no longer she is and someone taking her chant can ultimately leave a feeling that Dolores is overshadowed by Mell. I sincerely believe that it is almost the same as if The Cranberries had taken her as a singer, it is pure commercial and nostalgic strategy in terms of fans and of incalculable blind illusion in terms of fans in Brazil who do not want to see reality or beyond reality. question of what is being projected, besides Mell, I’m sorry but he doesn’t transmit anything to me and I don’t recognize Noel. I feel very sorry and partly ashamed as a fan of The Cranberries that this course has been chosen, finding out that they have played two Cranberries songs I think it has been a disappointment, it was to be expected on the other hand but I did not think it would happen. Anyway, this is my last post on this issue that I think that for my part I can add little and I do not want to do it anymore, I hope that at least someone reading it can reflect from another point of view, it is not about judging and criticizing destructively but about being able to give an opinion from respect but if from the impression that all this gives, I wish I was wrong and this was a dream, but Dolores’s absence continues to hurt me more and more. I innocently believed that music was a magical place where the stars stayed forever where they were and were not replaced and that the songs were written from the heart and experiences, Dolores showed us that way and it was true, but not all the everyone in that industry is the same as her, and from what I see today in general, they are just elements to make money and exploit them to the fullest.

    • Manuel

      You are taking it too personnaly man. This brazilian project is already dead and burried. Who cares. That singer sucks, period. She can’t even sing in concert correctly. It’s easier on youtubeoh yeah. Live is another dimension. She just does not have it.

    • Xaby

      Rather than take it personally, it turns out that it is more a matter of sensitivity and in the here and now, far from dying, this project has done nothing more than open a Pandora’s box. As a fan I don’t have to like everything or everything that Noel does, and this goes beyond not liking it, it is in my opinion disturbing the legacy of Cranberries in a project that although it is called The Puro the comparisons of its leader with Dolores they are obvious and it seems that almost all fans like them because they remind them of her, they don’t really see something separate, authentic and much less new. We will have to prepare to accept that Noel and the rest of the Cranberries, with their legacy and especially with Noel as the author of the songs, will do what they really want, whether it is ethically correct or not, with respect to the operations that the music industry determines together with him and his representative at Universal, and if they have to resurrect Dolores in a virtual metaverse or in a copycat like they have done with Mell Peck for the enjoyment of the fans, they will do so without hesitation. Today we are capable of NOT SEEING what is behind an emotionally successful event with a lot of money invested. Music bands are companies, feelings are in the background and third plane.

  5. Daffodil Lament

    This “project” is not cranberries. It is Noel only behaves in very strange way. Mike and Ferg is not involved so probaly not approve it. It is unfair to blame them for Noels crazyness. I looked at some of concert and it was very bad and sad. She try to imitate Dolores but nobody can sing like our Angel

  6. Cordell

    Sitting here listening and watching the live PURO version of Zombie, already from the gate I knew it was going to be bad. There is NO OTHER female that have taken the song from Dolores and doubt if anyone ever will. I have heard close versions but Puro was nothing close. Even with Noel at her side she couldn’t make that song emotional and gripping as Dolores. Personally as an original “Cran-Fan” I too am upset that Noel has basically replaced Dolores. So XABY is right about Their rants. And like MANUEL said it’s going to be dead like his other projects… For all this he is doing he mine as well replace Dolly and bring back “The Cranberries” bcos’ that’s what he is doing anyways. The songs sound like they should have been sung by no other than Dolores especially the song Goodbye! To me it’s away of him saying Goodbye to Dolly and moving on with this chick. Anyways love and miss the cranberries and our mother Dolores! It’s been awhile since I’ve heard your voice in a new way but I kow when I too pass on I will forever be listening to your voice and taking it with me wherever I go! XOXOXO To everyone else NOBODY ELSE DID IT BUT WE DID #1billzombie LETS GET SALVATION TO A BILLION xoxoxoxo


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