14 January 2023: message by Dolores’ Estate

January 14, 2023  |  1 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Dolores O’Riordan (Estate) published on their official website doloresoriordan.com (as well as their socials) a message today.

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  1. Xaby

    Five years and five months ago I was sitting near her grave, it is hard to believe even today that she is not alive. I have always had two theories, the official and the hidden, but with all due respect and my good intentions that one day it will become clear what really happened on the night of Sunday the 14th in that hotel, and I am still searching for the truth even though I feel it alive in Somewhere in this world, towards the world, towards us, it is not alive. Both his family and friends from the Cranberries band do not have to be aware of what I am going to ask them and I leave the question open. If we could see beyond what her death has unfortunately brought and will bring and realize what record company strategies are on the surface. I do not put my hand in the fire of heartfelt intentions when there is money behind it and because Dolores was not going to be less if they have already done it with Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain… ‘Underwater’ by D.A.R.K speaks premonitorily 3 years before the sad denouement and ‘All Over Now’ shamelessly mentions the night at the Hotel de Londres in its lyrics, chance? The truth Dolores between January 15 and 18 of that month in 2018 had very important appointments in London for what the webmaster who is in charge of Dolores’s website now writes. I cannot repeat, accuse, but, from the most pyramidal point of view, I do not respect his life and now for five years his death neither, I may be delusional and hopefully, as crazy as I may seem, putting this matter on the table may be wrong, but I think they took her life, in other words they killed her, it is very easy to have so identified the vulnerabilities of a singer and use it as a motive, committing suicide with intention or accidental overdose, she paid the price, she always denounced and spoke of very tricky themes in many songs, he always had the courage to do it….
    That each one draw the conclusions from her, the pity and great sadness of all this is that she will never come back and we will never stop missing her, her music and her voice are always and will be in our hearts.


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