3 Responses to New merch celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Everybody Else”

  1. Coralie Neurauter

    I would love some great Cranberries gear. I live in Canada and that it is almost impossible. But why is everything always in black. Any chance you can get some other colors like red or grey. Literally anything but black.

  2. Annie

    I ´m from Canada and it’s impossible to make a order!

    • Axl

      Hi Annie,

      Indeed it seems there is a bug for Canada (maybe more countries??) as all items in your basket are removed when you select Canada and the following message appears, “Some of the products that were in your basket aren’t available in your country and have been removed.”

      There is nothing we can do here as a fansite, maybe you should contact the band directly on this page and let them know:



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