“Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” available on vinyl today

April 22, 2023  |  3 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

“Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” is available on vinyl today and earlier in the morning Cranberries Italia shared on their socials some of the first great photos. Special thanks to them!

As you can see, the edition is pretty basic inside, just one transparent vinyl and the inner sleeve with lyrics and art and that’s pretty much it. No extra bonus, no extra pictures, no double vinyl, no gatefold. So don’t expect too much, this is not an anniversary edition, just the album released for the first time on vinyl.

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3 Responses to “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” available on vinyl today

  1. Andy

    Just bought the last one in my record store today. Yes basic indeed but looks great anyway. Exactly what I imagined. Love it.

  2. Bombing

    Выпустите большей партией диски! Пидары.. пораскупили всё ебучие перекупы…

  3. Joey

    Nice one. Sleeve quality could have been a little better tho, specialy regarding the price (€27.99) when we used to pay less than 20 for a LP back then.


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