Dolores O’Riordan for #bravehood: 3 more lyrics

May 14, 2023  |  16 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

3 more lyrics have been recently added to the Dolores O’Riordan for #bravehood collection which counted 4 lyrics from 4 songs already.

2 new lyrics from “Dreaming My Dreams” and “Tomorrow” and just like the previous ones, available on T-Shirt, Hoodie, Tote Bag, and with the exact same color options.

And the 3rd new lyrics from “Zombie” (a second version with another part of the song) and only available on white T-Shirt in a special edition limited to 200.

Sold exclusively on until the end of this month, the net proceeds will go to War Child UK to help children in emergencies in Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Sudan, Yemen.

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16 Responses to Dolores O’Riordan for #bravehood: 3 more lyrics

  1. John

    Well, in the end only one makes sense. Guess which one. And all these colours it’s just ridiculous. Next time maybe less is more guys, and maybe i’ll buy one.

  2. By now they should know That it’s not the kind of release we want…! Cranberries is about the music not about merchandising !! We want unreleased music (demo, old unreleased songs, live etc etc
    And if you want to release new merchandising, you should release older merchandising (from 5 first albums), as you have new fans who have missed them…
    I think your fans deserves much better than this!!!

    • Emerald

      unfortunately who manage her estate do not want what Real fans wants. We still have to sort it out what happened to Noel. He disappeared from Instagram etc ….

  3. Sandi

    Wow these comments lately by some”fans”…..

    So Emerald, what real fans want? Explain “a real fan” The so called real fans atleast tht is how they call themselves, I think they are just a bunch of selfish beings… an album comes out for a second release… their answer?? Nothing new on it, we want this, we want that….the cover sucks , the delivery sucks… ,
    We want this or that alum, we want these or new demo`s, all I read is WE WANT….
    instead of just be thankfull .

    If Noel disappeared from Instagram… maybe he just got sick of all the negativity? All the “real fans”messaging him??? Who knows, none of our business.
    And it is his decission no one else.

    _To the other diehard”” fan Jennifer……

    All I see is you complaining… Not the release we want? Souldnt it be what you want? I think everyone can speak for themselves, what is wrong with the new merchandise? Nothing, You just don`t want it, but it is not about you.

    Dolores cared for people and humanity she wasn`t selfish . Maybe you sould take an example of that, Especially with this new merchandise, who would not want to do something for victims of war, with these merchandise products, she still contributes for good causes.

    If you don`t like it, don`t buy it, no one is forcing you, I hope you can be at peace with your selfish little self.

    • M.

      Totally agree with you Sandi.
      And no one is forced to buy.
      Not to mention he ‘I am a real fans or real fans want…’ is so stupid sometimes.

    • Jennifer

      Sandi de boer
      I didn’t ask your opinion,
      I didn’t force you to read me neither
      You have your opinion I have mine
      You can express yourself without being rude, you truly don’t know me to say that I’m selfish!
      I’m not talking about the merchandise for Ukraine in particular but for all the olders released on their official website
      They promised us ttfd release anniversary, a documentary we still don’t have them
      I’m talking with a lot of others fans and they are disappointed, I invent nothing
      I’m disappointed because I love Dolores and I miss her
      Again I can tell you that you don’t have any lessons to give to anyone! You and Sandra are ruining Dolores image by harassing and annoying a lot of fans
      Yes I won’t but merchandising I don’t like for sure
      You should make a better job and you won’t have any complains, as simple as that

  4. Sandi

    Jen, Maybe you sould read your post again, You clearly write
    “By now they should know That it’s not the kind of release we want…! Cranberries is about the music not about merchandising !!”

    Who knows maybe in the future there will be more merchandise releases.

    *They promised us ttfd release anniversary, a documentary we still don’t have them*
    Ever thought about laws and rights and so on, I am pretty sure if they say TTFD will be released again, than it will be! Maybe it not as easy as it sounds.

    A documentary, You want to see a good one right? That takes time! And again there are many things to consider, more than we who are not in any kind of that business know.

    And please explain to me how I am ruining Dolores image? I don`t post , I don`t tell “stories” and I am not a conspiracy writer.
    And what has Sandra to do with this, I repond here because I just like you have a opinion.
    I am giving no one lessons, I responded, and if we don`t agree about each others opinions so be it. I can live with that.

    • Jennifer

      Yes you can express your opinion, but don’t talk directly to me or don’t even mention my name…
      You and Sandra decided to block me and deleted me from your private group, fine! But don’t come talking to me then, I don’t like complicated people and I don’t understand your behavior
      You acted like this towards a lot of fans and you hurting them by doing that
      And then after you come back to them and acted like nothing happened and you harassing and annoy the fans
      By acting like this, yes you ruined Dolores image clearly !
      You act like teenagers, plus if people don’t have same opinions than yours , you insult them, it’s the jackpot with you!
      Even if you disagree with my opinion, you won’t stop me to express myself….
      Even if me and others fans are complaining about the merchandising, we are in our own right to say it, like it or not
      And again, it’s not because you are the little dog of sandra and it’s not because sandra is one of sister in low of Dolores that you can insult me or hurt me, you are just no one especially compared to Dolores to act this way !! Just to remind you…
      Stop taking people for idiots

      Now leave me alone and don’t come talking to me again as I truly don’t care about you or your opinion and I don’t want to argue with you
      Don’t waste my time
      Thank you

  5. Sandi


    Atleast I did not use your full name, Like you did.
    You don`t have to tell me what to do, I can respond , like you do. If you don`t like it, well …

    I have never harrased a fan or fans… And never have I insulted them for having abnother opinion.
    You can express yourself , but I am allowed too.

    And of all the other things you mention…Who acts like a teenager ? (sorry to all teenagers btw)
    And I can respond, I am not arguing, just responding.

    But anyways it is all off topic. So if the administrator wants to delete, he/she can. .

    • Jennifer

      Oh oh I understand you are ashamed!
      You and Sandra are the only ones who wants to censor and hurt fans !!
      It’s time for you to assume your actions, stop lying … you and Sandra don’t stop blocking fans on Dolores Facebook page etc without any reasons!! ….. you just want to have attentions from the fans and steal Dolores notoriety, only stupid people will stand with you…
      It’s time to grow up !!
      Anyway dolores can see your bad actions from where she is!
      Stop your bullshit and stop thinking you are important! You are just no one ☝
      Shame on you!!!

  6. Axl

    No worries, both of you (and everyone) are free to say whatever you want, even off topic! 100% freedom of speech here without any censorship nor deleted post.

  7. Jennifer

    Thank you

  8. Zap

    Zombieguide era is back again and we are witnessing grown ass brat teenagers fighting on something stupid


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