SPOTTED: “To The Faithful Departed” Deluxe 3CD and 2LP

July 28, 2023  |  4 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Both a “To The Faithful Departed” Double LP Limited Edition and a Japanese Deluxe Remaster SHM 3CD to be released late September and early October were spotted by fans. These are 2 different items and definitely not a 3+2 CD&LP pack. Only pre-orders for now.

Artworks are not available yet.

Special thanks to John Massaro and the DOR/TC Collection Facebook Group for the information!


Also spotted on

Amazon UK has a deluxe audio CD boxset with no other information yet.


Also spotted on eBay (same seller’s other items) a 1LP edition to be released late September as well. Unlike the 2LP edition, this one is not marked as limited.


SHM-CD also spotted on and

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4 Responses to SPOTTED: “To The Faithful Departed” Deluxe 3CD and 2LP

  1. Dan

    Finally! I hope this is the actually anniversary edition now. I was starting to think they were going to hold it off until the 30th anniversary! I really hope it’s a yellow vinyl like the original pressings. The record company seem to have a thing for clear or black only at the moment!

    Also wondering when the Are You Listening reissues are coming too….

  2. JC

    Is it the 25th anniversary edition finally? Looks like something completely different imo.

  3. Lukas

    I hope it is true. However, for now there is no concrete information about the veracity of this double LP.

  4. gonzo

    ebay will and is not a source of anything


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