The Cranberries are now on TikTok

August 1, 2023  |  7 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Title says it all.
Check out their very first post today, a 38-second message by Fergal.
Official username: @thecranberriesmusic

Note: Don’t look for CW on TikTok, we’re too old for that!

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7 Responses to The Cranberries are now on TikTok

  1. The Original MB

    Oh my God… Please guys, have some self-respect. >_<

    (Don't look for The Original MB on TikTok either, I'd rather eat my hat!)

  2. Anonymous

    A big NO for me.

  3. LC

    TikTok is childish and diminishes from the image…Sorry. Major no go.

  4. vikivixia

    There’s nothing bad for having TikTok, there’s a lot of interesting stuff if you dig a little deeper. Besides the dances and memes you can find explanation of scientific concepts in 30 seconds or accounts with underground music gems recommendations. And there’s also a lot of fresh auditory! So the band can spread their music among younger generations. As we can see, Sunday and Linger already went viral there, so why not? Why not to passively develop good music taste among kiddos, giving them to try something more complicated than fast food music?

    Personally, I’m an early gen-z fan and I was lost in music ocean in my early ages, and I wish I could discover The Cranberries earlier. My family members aren’t audiophiles who collect CDs and vinyls and they barely can be called music enjoyers. So I was looking for the sound I would love by myself. But now late -z’ and -alpha’ have TikTok which is powerful tool and which can bring stuff you might like right on your phone screen by algorithms. So if you make your opinion of something based on what you heard from others (exmpl: on TikTok you can see only stupid dances and people there are dump) not trying to check it out by yourself… I have bad news for you…

  5. Ivar

    I understand that some people find it dumb/cringe, but personally I think it’s nice that they try to appeal to a younger generation. Some of their songs are highly popular on youtube and this way they can speak to the next generation of fans.

  6. Xaby

    I understand the good vision of things, that is the basis but sometimes the reality may be far from our opinion. We live in a system in which everything has been reduced to consumption and value is not given to what is consumed. The Cranberries do not need, in my humble opinion, to be at those levels, since it should be the new generation that is going to investigate and catch up on their concern and interest in reaching music, whatever the first contact. I see Tik&Tok as a double-edged sword, the bands, beyond thinking about their fans, make themselves and be included on all platforms for a matter of visibility and money. But Cranberries with this step may step on a projection that is ridiculed because Tik&Tok, as is the case with Instagram, are currently entertainment containers based without any kind of focus or direction, that is why although it serves as a promotion for many bands, the truth is that it diverts the attention that should be musical to something else. In the end I left all the social networks, I live much better and I think you would have to ask yourself why appear in everything? at any price and so strategically? I thought music bands were beyond a company or a money-making machine, but today everything is very far from what it seemed to be, so we thought it would be, decades ago. If with this I seem to be an involuntary being, I would rather be than contribute and spoil an increasingly disconnected society and little driven to actively learn about music, and I am not telling you about the possible extinction of the physical format of music that for the moment resists but he will not win for many years.
    Cranberries without Dolores can contribute little to me with their initiatives, it’s been a long time since I accepted that they play the roulette of stratospheric fame of the big companies and record companies and corporations like the rest of the bands although some have been much more rebellious.


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