4 TTFD 25th Anniversary Editions available to pre-order now

August 29, 2023  |  16 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries have announced on their website and socials today (Twitter X, Facebook, Instagram, and nothing on TikTok yet) the release of the long-awaited 25th Anniversary Edition of their 3rd studio album simply named “To The Faithful Departed Deluxe Remaster”

Notice the new font(s)!

There are 4 different editions to be released on 13 October 2023:

  • 1LP (the 13-track album version)

  • 2LP BLACK (the 15-track album version + demos)

  • 2LP YELLOW (the 15-track album version + demos) · LIMITED EDITION

  • 3CD (the 15-track album version + bonus tracks + demos + outtakes + live)

More info and pre-order directly on udiscovermusic.com


The yellow 2LP is now marked as sold out on the US store.

For those living in Europe you can pre-order all 4 editions on the German store udiscover-music.de meaning no custom taxes at arrival, and the yellow edition is still available for now.

Same for those living in the UK through the UK store recordstore.co.uk.

Make it fast!


The yellow 2LP is now back in stock on the US store!!!!

For those living in Mexico pre-order on udiscover.mx

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16 Responses to 4 TTFD 25th Anniversary Editions available to pre-order now

  1. Ryan

    Brilliant. Finally!!!
    Are these the real artworks? What happened to the original fonts??!??!!

  2. Noah

    Wow, I love the new cover choice as well as the classic cranberries fonts. To be honest, I hoped for more of Tim Palmer’s demos, but I am looking forward to experience his approach to “When You’re Gone”, “Free To Decide” and “I Just Shot John Lennon”. It would be enough for me if those shotguns at the end of “IJSJL” are omitted. Interestingly, they decided not to include “God Be With You” which is a shame. It would be awesome to have it on a vinyl. But then again, the whole re-issue seems fairly well done.

  3. David S.

    Thank you for the German link.

    I just ordered the yellow one, it worked, what a relief, it was sold out everywhere!

  4. Anonymous

    Love the idea of the 2nd cd with demos outtakes and early mixes, I can’t wait to listen to this.
    a live cd is also welcome but what the hell is salvation from milton keynes doing in the list, i don’t understand?
    and why did they choose toronto again and again, is it the only show recorded that year or what, we all have it for years ffs!!!

  5. Luis

    I was hoping to get the same as the treasure box at least but they didn’t include Ave Maria or God be with you 🙁

  6. Oleg

    What about Japan version?


    The link is still working and you can place an order.

    • Matt

      Agree. It’s unclear. Could it be this 3cd edition released in japan (with obi and everything) or is it a just a shm remastered version like they usually do in japan. Allist the same release date can’t be just a coincidence!

  7. Ed

    I am thrilled that this will FINALLY see the light of day!

    Is the release perfect? It certainly depends on who you ask.

    My ONLY quibble is that I wish the live disc featured ONE complete concert rather than a mix of two. And, like so many have wondered … why is Salvation from Milton Keynes here? Ugh.

    • Tipsy

      bah yes a good release just every fan would have expected an unreleased concert in so many from those years! anyway better than nothing! Salvation live in MK? bah they probably thought was even an “extra mile” than not putting in!

  8. Jay

    What is everyone’s complaint with Salvation at Milton Keynes Bowl? is it that bad, I haven’t heard it…

  9. Xaby

    It is clear that she herself has already warned that there would not be much unpublished or hardly any rarities in this box of To The Faithfull Departed, which is rather a deluxe because it left the time of its really 25th anniversary, the delay in its publication no longer makes sense of the two previous NNTA and EEIDISWCW? but hey, everything and still there are certain songs that we all know that were going to belong to TTFD and that were not included like ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ composed in 1995, ‘False’ composed in 1992 and ‘Dying Inside’ born incomplete for TTFD but that finally it was resumed for 5 years later to be part of WUASTC. By this I mean that it does not seem that they could have been touched and recorded in the study because if so they would have been included. Another thing is that in my opinion it doesn’t make sense to leave out ‘God Be With You’ when it belonged to the Bruce Fairbairn era (something that makes me think that they will include it in the next box set of ‘Bury The Hatchet’) and Perhaps, although it is very grateful that they have made us aware of the demos and the three songs recorded under the musical direction of Tim Palmer’s production, I would have opted for the third CD to have made a compilation of all the songs on the album in direct version. between 1995 and 1996, that is, for example:

    1. Hollywood (Live in Detroit)
    2. Salvation (Live in Detroit)
    3. When You’re Gone (Live in Minneapolis)
    4. Free To Decide (Live in Detroit)
    5. War Child (Live in Tokyo)
    6. Intermission / Forever Yellow Skies (Live in Toronto)
    7. The Rebels (Live in Minneapolis)
    7. I Just Shot John Lennon (Live in Minneapolis)
    8. Electric Blue (Live in USA)
    9. I’m Still Remembering (Live in Tokyo)
    10. Will You Remember? (Live in Minneapolis)
    11. Joe (Live in Minneapolis)
    12. Crazy (Live in Minneapolis)
    13. Bosnia (Live in Houston).

    But of course they wanted to put out a live album with their hits up to that period of the 1996 tour. Anyway, it doesn’t rain to everyone’s liking but I am grateful that they were able to publish it, an album that has taken on another meaning since Dolores left for the dimension that she herself referred to in that third album, I hope and wish that from where she is she continues in peace, there are many keys and mysteries not fully revealed in the lyrics of this third album of what her life was until then and what it would end up being Who knows, but what I’m sure of is that we could respond to his song ‘Will You Remember?’ Yes, forever Dolores.

  10. Tony Molloy

    For those in Ireland you can pre-order from https://goldendiscs.ie.

    Logon to website and search for Cranberries CD or Cranberries LP.

  11. Franck

    Where has the quality gone? The eeidi 25th box set was almost perfect. Disc 1 the album. Disc 2 the demos and outtakes. Disc 3 the media appearances. Disc 4 in concert. Only a 5th disc dvd was missing to access perfection. Without mentioning the format and artwork of the box. Brilliant. And it was due on date!! (Sort of). I was expecting the same for the first 3 albums at least (who cares about the others). Disappointement.

    Nnta with a white box set and ttfd yellow same as eeidi. Dream on. Too obvious. And Nnta and ttfd were so late it was ridiculous to name them 25th anniversary. Remaster deluxe. Well so be it but the magic was gone.

    Now it’s faithful preorders. Well. The box set not really is a box set. The concert is always the same toronto. Fuck toronto. disc 2 seems nice. The yellow vinyl. Nice too but already exists. Why not lp1 yellow and lp2 purple. Too obvious as well. The new font and artwork. Just why???

    Quality has gone for sure. I’ll buy it anyway. Fan remains fan.

  12. WarChild

    Anyone notice that the Forever Yellow Skies performance is from CBC, McGill Street Studio, Toronto and not Molson Amphitheater, Toronto? Looks like we have a new live version of this song! Also of note, The Rebels outtake is over 1:10 minutes and Free To Decide (Paris Demo) is 45 seconds longer than the main album versions.


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