Dolores O’Riordan’s 3rd solo album announced

September 6, 2023  |  8 Comments  |  by Axl  |  Dolores O'Riordan

Dolores O’Riordan (Estate) have partnered with BMG to release unreleased solo recordings on what should become Dolores’ 3rd solo album. Further announcements soon…

The breaking news was shared on Dolores’ Birthday (today!) on D’s official website – – and socials (Twitter X, Facebook, Instagram)

edit 1: and by BMG themselves on

edit 2: it would appear that Dan Brodbeck will be producing the album, although no official confirmation has been published yet.

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8 Responses to Dolores O’Riordan’s 3rd solo album announced

  1. Dan

    BMG themselves have posted about it on their website, but no further information as yet.

  2. Edi

    I guess, If it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be not soon…
    And as I know, before her death she was working on the 8-th album of The Cranberries “In The End”.
    Maybe she was doing something for solo album, but it became it The Cranberries final album.
    For example songs: Lost, Catch Me If You Can, Summer Song

  3. Cordell aka Vtin

    Personally I have read this a few days ago and it’s been bothering me ever since. 1st, it’s prolly gonnabe the same thing they have done with “In The End” album which is cut up parts of songs made into one. 2 now that AI can replicate artists and make them sing whatever how do we know this won’t be used? I’m sure she hasn’t made any music to the “3rd” album just like ITE album, the beats she wanted won’t be hers but reimagined by someone else. I would have been excited for another Cranberries album than her incomplete solo album… Idk [just my imagination] I guess…

  4. J.

    Totally agree with you Cordell. I also hope there won’t be AI, see these bloody enhanced pics everywhere on the net, they absolutely suck and everyone seem to like them. AI sucks anyway.
    About the solo album I do hope they will use the old songs from the No Baggage era (or was it AYL?) where Dolores composed more than 20 songs (or was it 30?) to only choose a dozen for the album and bsides.
    To me it’s more like, are they good songs? They were not chosen back then in the final list by Dolores, so maybe they are not good songs, simple as that, so why recycling them now. Is this album a good idea, maybe, maybe not, time will tell. Bittersweet, excited to hear new material, and worried it may be inappropriate. In The End is a great album and they did a great job so let’s hope for the same here. I’m also worried for the album cover, but that’s another story.

  5. Dan

    It’s well known that Dolores had loads of unreleased tracks (2nd D.A.R.K album, Eric Alexandrakis/Electrons and Angelo Badalamenti collabs, unreleased solo tracks etc) and was working on a solo album before reuniting with The Cranberries for Something Else as far back as 2015 (if I’m not mistaken).

    I’m guessing those sessions were when she recorded “Why?”, “Rupture”, “Lost”, “Catch Me”, “Wake Me”, “Got It” and “Summer Song”. I have a feeling all those tracks were potentially recorded for a solo album but then she used them for The Cranberries’ albums. I know The Cranberries re-recorded the music for the tracks that ended up on In The End, but if you look at the album credits for Something Else, it doesn’t look like they played much on Why? or Rupture, so I think there’ll be loads of full band recordings completed.

    I’m confident that this album is going to be genuine and made up of songs she completed before she died. There’s no way they’re going to use AI. That seems ridiculous to me. Her family wouldn’t do that to her legacy, and neither would Dan Brodbeck. I’m really looking forward to hearing these songs. Honestly, I’m so grateful. I never thought we’d get to hear more songs from her. I’m still hoping we get to hear the Electons/DARK/Angelo tracks at some point too.

    • Eduard Sakhnovich

      Yeah, I also guess that Why, Rupture, Lost, WakecMe Wnen It’s Over, Catch Me If You Can, Got It, Summer Song were recorded for Dolores’ 3rd solo album, but then she decided to make them as Cranberries songs.
      Even I have put attention, a couple of years ago, that on single Why there musicians, that were recording with her songs for Are You Listening and No Baggage. And in Summer Song signed Den Broadbeck, that was working with her on No Baggage.
      So I guess, we will probably hear again the songs above on her 3rd solo album
      But anyway interesting what it’s gonna be.
      Hope it will see the light somewhere in 2024…
      And yes, me too waiting for DARK second album and other her unreleased music, she was working on between 2013 and 2017


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