“Everybody Else…..” to be released on dark green vinyl (UPDATED)

September 7, 2023  |  4 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Unexpected! The Cranberries first album will be released on dark green vinyl on 13 October 2023. The limited edition is already available to preorder on the French website fnac.com as a Fnac Exclusive. No more information yet to know if this concerns France only or more countries…


The vinyl is now available to pre-order in UK as part of the National Album Day 2023 on hmv.com, thesoundofvinyl.com or roughtrade.com and in Germany on udiscover-music.de

Thanks to Dan, Kevin and Timmi for the links.

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4 Responses to “Everybody Else…..” to be released on dark green vinyl (UPDATED)

  1. Cranb44

    Fuck sake, too many at once!!
    I already spent all my money this month buying 5 Faithful Departed Remaster Editions.
    Why is it that all comes at once always.

    • Cesar Serrazes

      better not complain, they are working harder after dolores’ death than in the last 20 years…

    • The Original MB

      Speaking of complaints… I wish I COULD actually spend money on The Cranberries. Merchandise, to be specific. What is this bullshit that you can only pay with a credit card now!? It’s not even that common to have even have one…?

  2. Dan

    This is being released in the UK as part of the 90s themed National Album Day on 14th October 2023. All pre-orders in the UK have gone live today.



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