“Electric Blue (Early Mix)” and “Free To Decide (Paris Demo)” now available

September 15, 2023  |  2 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

“Electric Blue (Early Mix)” and “Free To Decide (Paris Demo)” off the forthcoming TTFD Deluxe Remaster are available to listen on YouTube and streaming platforms.

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2 Responses to “Electric Blue (Early Mix)” and “Free To Decide (Paris Demo)” now available

  1. Ode to Dolores

    Electric Blue with clean vocals! Yes! I’d love to hear a mix of the final song but with the vocals replaced by these.

    I’m psyched for When You’re Gone demo and early mixes and hoping for similar clean new vocals.

    I’d always hoped to hear TTFD without the distortion on Dolores’s voice. It seems like the demos and early mixes on this new release are getting partway there. I’ll hold out hope for a full To The Faithful Departed… Naked album one day.

  2. Jeff

    Still that bloody fade out on EB just like the album version. Too bad I was excepting to hear the full end which is brilliant and should stay so much longer. No other choice than listening to it on concert recordings then. This song is such a masterpiece


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