First images: TTFD deluxe remaster editions

October 12, 2023  |  2 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

“To The Faithful Departed” deluxe remaster editions will be officially released tomorrow and the first images of the 1LP and 2LP (black) have now surfaced the internet, and the other 2 editions (3CD and 2LP yellow) should appear very soon…

Original album remastered 1LP:

Expanded 2LP (black vinyl):

EDIT (16:50 UTC)

3CD Deluxe Edition (and LP):

Note: The 2LP black and 2LP yellow have the exact same sleeve (front & back) and same sticker on front, only a different barcode sticker was added (ending by 949 instead of 947) for the yellow version.

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2 Responses to First images: TTFD deluxe remaster editions

  1. M

    As often now with new releases, record companies are working poorly and have become lazy.Seriously, how is this edition really named, the 1LP has 25th anniversary edition on it, the others 3 don’t. The double LPs have the exact same stickers and no way to see the difference at first sight, not even better at 2nd sight, between black and yellow. just a poor sticker glued to hide the barcode of the black version and that’s it. No 25th anniversary nowhere just remaster or something like that. Also where is Cordell, written on the sleeve and not on the vinyl label.
    Then comes the 3cd version the only full stuff with all the tracks and it’s named deluxe edition, no 25th and barely remaster. and not even talking about that Everybody green vinyl totally out of the blue and released the same day!!!!! what for?!?
    Seriously the music industry is working like shit. and some fans also noticed some slight differences compared to the original album version (IJSJL has now 1 gunshot at the end instead of 5). physical releases are dead stream platforms are well enough for me now

  2. Mitch

    Well I think the overall quality is great. Ok there are and there were always mistakes on the sleeves and booklets. I don’t mind.


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