Cranberries and Dolores fan communities are now closed

June 8, 2012  |  20 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Dolores O'Riordan, The Cranberries

Sad day for The Cranberries fan community: both the group and Dolores’ official fan community sites have been closed today. Last month a spokeperson from the band team informed fans that both communities would close in June as the band decided to only use Facebook for communication with/between fans.

Few weeks earlier Noel Hogan also closed his Twitter account. Noel was the only band member to interact with fans on the internet and pass on some useful information about the band performances and reactions.

Let’s hope that the band will use their Facebook account more frequently to inform and interact with fans when they get back to work in October. From 1998 to 2003, Fergal (and sometimes other members of the band) wrote some messages to fans while touring and recording albums. Those messages, originally posted on the band’s website, can still be found here.

You can also access other fan forum on the web:
Cranberries-fan (English)
Pretty Dolores (French)
I Still Dream (Italian)

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20 Responses to Cranberries and Dolores fan communities are now closed

  1. Guilherme

    A very sad day for all Cranfans :/

  2. Tipsy

    It’s another punch in the face of the fans….these decisions are really drastic and unexplicable. I think that these are all up to Don Burton that control the whole management. Very sad.

  3. I am still to fully understand such decision. Are you guys planning a forum for this site?

  4. anon

    Here she goes again…. put out an album, plan a tour to promote it, and then cancel it all! just like ttfd, no baggage and now this. This may be the final straw for me. I understand things happen and your health comes first, but you should learn form your past mistakes and not plan a tour if you think there is even a chance this could happen…again.

    • MemyselfandI

      Frequent cancellations are quite unprofessional. Especially so much that you come to EXPECT them. I agree, if you don’t think you can genuinely give your all for the length of the tour, don’t waste other people’s time and resources. I understand emergencies, illnesses, and unexpected events come up but all those cancellations over and over again. Previous albums and current one? That’s not due to an unexpected event. That’s agreeing to a tour you really couldn’t complete in the first place. Seems like fans are being used these days. It’s disappointing. The websites seem to be there just during album promotion anyways. Just like Dolores’ solo stuff. That’s fine. I respect their privacy and their desire not to be in constant contact with fans.

    • MemyselfandI

      People can get refunds for tickets sure, but they can’t get their money back from airfare, hotels, gas to drive, time off from work, and all the other travel expenses. I hope that anyone who does tours like this really tries to be considerate of others when they make these decisions. Sometimes you can’t help it and a cancellation is what needs to be done. Just be considerate of others when you make decisions that affect so many people.

    • Olafson

      If you go on TV to the store.And the store does not already televisions.This store has you pay back the money for a ticket?
      Funny…..ha ha ha!

    • MemyselfandI

      Your comment makes no sense. You’re not understanding me.

    • Olafson

      IF you see a good bike in the ad.You fly a plane to buy this bike.In the store it appears that he sold out the bikes.Store has no oblogation.Will not give you a refund for the ticket.

    • Olafson

      So it is with cancellations concerts.Nobody does not pay for airline ticket.You can get a refund for a concert ticket.OK.

  5. Moon

    I think,that everyone has the right to make decisions.
    Website:The Cranberries,Mono Band,Dolores O’Riordan,Noel Hogan,….etc.
    This is their private property.
    They have a Facebook,and there are discussions of Fans.
    These web pages:

  6. moon

    I think that everyone has the right to make decisions.
    Website:TC,Dolly,Noel,etc.This is their private property.
    They have a Facebook.There are discussions of fans.:)

  7. Coolas

    Need a forum here. Please.

  8. tommyboy

    Ouch, that hurt !

  9. Moon

    Forum Forum Forum
    Facebook and There etc.


    The Cranberries TURKEY forum site


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