Unreleased Mono Band “Track 29” revealed

January 3, 2013  |  2 Comments  |  by Luc  |  Mono Band

A never-heard-before Mono Band song entitled “Track 29 (demo edit)” was posted today on SoundCloud by the man himself, Noel Hogan.

“Track 29”, a collaboration with vocalist Richard Walters, was most likely recorded in the period of time between the first Mono Band album and the Arkitekt project.

Other songs posted today on Noel Hogan’s SoundCloud include “Army of Mice” (2005), “Track 26” (2006) and “Pacing (acoustic version)” (2009), all recorded with Richard Walters. The first two tracks were briefly posted on Mono Band’s MySpace page in the mid-2000’s while ┬áthe latter was released on Arkitekt’s “14 Days” single.

Thanks to Noel for this lovely New Year’s surprise!

Source: Noel Hogan’s SoundCloud page


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2 Responses to Unreleased Mono Band “Track 29” revealed

  1. dario

    Zzzzzzz….. Zzzzz…. I fall asleep!

  2. Luc

    I totally dig it, it’s a real good mellow rock track! Hogan/Walters collaborations always work for me. It’s nice to see how Noel can create something totally different from the Cranberries music!


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