Dolores O’ Riordan “certainly in love with Olé”

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According to this new online article of the Irish Mirror, “Dolores is certainly very happy and in love with Olé Koretsky”. This sentence is said by Philip Tobin who recently met Dolores and Olé in Kites, a Chinese restaurant in Ballsbridge Dublin Ireland.

Sure this is NO OFFICIAL STATEMENT but if you followed the news about Dolores these past months it is reasonable to say these words are probably true and will not sound very surprising to die hard fans. Many of you already mentioned this possibility in many comments and as you know Olé Koretsky is currently working with Dolores (as well as Andy Rourke) in a new musical project called Jetlag NYC. He also was spotted with her in different locations such as New York, Los Angeles, Limerick and others… and some can be considered as private.
Anyway anyone will have an opinion and this news must be taken very carefully. In example elsewhere in the article it is written “They were singing some of their new stuff in the restaurant – it sounds amazing” which is very surprising and quite unlikely. Philip Tobin possibly did not recognize some cover songs but if he is right what a night and what a lucky man he is!!

L-R - Ole, Philip Tobin and Dolores O'Riordan outside Hollywood Nights

L-R – Ole, Philip Tobin and Dolores O’ Riordan

2015.05.27 Irish Mirror epp 1

2015.05.27 Irish Mirror epp 2

Sources: Irish Mirror (online version), Irish Daily Mirror (e-Edition version)

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One Response to Dolores O’ Riordan “certainly in love with Olé”

  1. Francesca

    Very good picture of Don published in the real newspaper “Dolores is berrie much in love again” where in my opinion Ole has the exact same look / physical as Don. Well Dolores still loves the same kind of man !

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