Another D.A.R.K. track available for download now: GUNFIGHT [UPDATED]

July 19, 2016  |  27 Comments  |  by Camille  |  D.A.R.K.

Thanks to fansite Cranberryesque and Richard for noticing that fans who preordered Science Agrees on the official Pledge Music store will be able to download the third track of the album Gunfight for free in a couple of minutes/hours as it will be available on July 20, probably at midnight. So Australia, Japan, China, Russia and other fans living in the East get ready it should be available any minute now!

gunfight dl

Such a cool treat for fans as this track might be one of the most promising of the album.

As usual, the Cranberries World team has worked on deciphering the lyrics for you which you can find here or by clicking on our Song List A-Z section or the discography.

Please feel free to let us know if you think we got something wrong until we get to read the album booklet.

We’re especially unsure of the verb “cost” on the line “people cost a lot” as some people hear a “L” or a “R” in the word.
Could still be “cost” though, let’s remember the track Black Widow on Dolores first solo album Are You Listening? on which she sang “the b-lack widow” which was confusing for some fans.

Help would be much appreciated if native speakers could give us a hand on this 😉

In the meantime, enjoy!

Gunfight is now available for everyone, finally we had to wait midnight in the UK probably because Pledgemusic is based in UK. Sad news for people living in the East and good news for people living in the West.

UPDATE  – JULY 27 – 1:20 PM (UTC)
Gunfight is now officially available on YouTube and all streaming platforms like AppleMusic, Spotify…

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27 Responses to Another D.A.R.K. track available for download now: GUNFIGHT [UPDATED]

  1. Joe

    LOL: until we get to read the album booklet.
    It’s always full of mistakes in there so don’t count on it!
    Not yet available for me. Still 1hour to go.
    Can’t wait.

  2. Richard

    I’m super excited! I really like the slow roll out of the songs. I like having something to look forward to!

    Still hoping for full promotional videos for some of these songs. They at least have to do one for Curvy right? (Although I have a Loosen The Noose video choreographed in my brain).

    • Natcranfan

      Hoho I’d kove to see your LTN choreography Richard!!
      You’re right a video would (will) be cool.

    • Webmaster

      Actually a video for Gunfight would be totally exciting, I have a couple other favorites too which would deserve a vid 😉

      I guess if Roses had one video (Tomorrow) we can at least hope for one here too ? In this case it should indeed be Curvy…

    • Klem H.C.

      Curvy didn’t encounter the success as expected. Loosen did, so I guess that one could be a better video single but you are right they’ll probably choose Curvy. Or will it be this new one Gunfight!

  3. Mallory

    Booooo midnight here and link is not available. I hope it’s just a couple of minutes but… as I can see pledge website is based in the UK I’m afraid we have to wait midnight over there what d’you think?
    Unfair!!! Would mean still 5 or 6 hours… Fkng UK!

  4. Christophe

    People cost a lot
    People cost a lot…
    I asked to an Irish friend to be sure…

  5. Jury

    so is it available somewhere?

    • Richard

      For Loosen the Noose pledge music sent an e-mail about 8pm (Eastern Standard Time- US) the night before the release saying it was available. So I’m hoping for 8pm again tonight. Look up what that translates to your time zone and keep an eye on your emails.

  6. Suz

    Finally it’s here!!!! I’ve been waiting for 3h. Last time it was available at midnight in MY country not UK. Maybe it is more fair this way, we all have it at the same moment.

    Just listened once: Great song

  7. KillingJane


  8. Victor

    Can anyone upload the song? Unless in youtube?

    • Axl

      No doubt someone will do it Victor, just be patient, it’s just been released.
      CW can’t do this sorry!

  9. Kim

    Hi, anyone can upload it somewhere?? I die to listen it.

  10. Victor

    Thank you!!!!

  11. Vtin

    Pleaseeeee someone upload or utube it…..

    • Somebody

      Thank you very much Mr Someone.
      Cool song. Gunfight is my favorite for now

    • Max

      Hey man thanks for uploading, very much appreciated, but from where I am your link does not work. It is pure shit with full of crappy ads and I tried all the download or hidden buttons. What should I do to get the file.
      You better use another site in example it is way better.
      All you have to do is enter your own email address then you receive in your email box the final link and then you post it here. No ads and no crappy things.

  12. Someone

    https : // openload . co /f/mM-R1Qbf8e4/D_A_R_K-Gunfight-WEB-2016-JUST . rar

  13. Someone

    I just copied the link from this post (w/ several links):

    Also, you can try to download the song here:

    • Wifiman

      Oh yeaaaah!
      These links really work thanks man.
      Such a great song. Very different from the other 2 (or the cranberries) and I truly like it.

  14. Vtin


  15. Volodymyr

    Its such a weird song, so much different from all I’ve heard before from Dolores


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