Something Else release: Promo appearances recap (UPDATED)

April 28, 2017  |  7 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

Today’s the day, “Something Else” was released this morning to our greatest delight.
Here’s the official promo video posted by the band.

The Cranberries – Something Else – Out Now!

We are delighted to announce that ‘Something Else’ is out today and available for streaming and purchase with all retailers. We hope you’ll enjoy our old songs in new clothes as much as we enjoyed making them.Link:

Posted by The Cranberries on Freitag, 28. April 2017


Let us use the occasion to do a small recap of all the promo appearances that are surfacing today. First, keep in mind we’re listing all the interviews given by the band in this section of our website, while their promotional performances are listed here.

Today 4 new interviews were broadcast/published:
– Dolores and Noel on “Gerry Kelly” on BBC Radio Ulster, Podcast available HERE starting at 14:50
– Dolores and Noel chatting to Paul McKenna on, audio available HERE
– Dolores for the
– Dolors and Noel on Paste Magazine

The band also played their new acoustic version of Linger live on “The One Show” on BBC One TV which you can watch below (720p):

The One Show posted a picture with the band on their Facebook page

Some lucky fans attended the soundcheck and managed to meet the band.
Thanks to all of them for sharing!
“The Cranberries Newspaper” posted on their Facebook page a few pictures:

Jordan Oliveira also shared on his Instagram a nice picture of the 4 Cranberries as well as a video of the soundcheck.

And a second soundcheck video on YouTube uploaded by MrNoseyman61

As a reminder the band is to give an interview tomorrow morning at 6:00 am on BBC News TV. The show is called “BBC Breakfast”. And Dolores will also appear on BBC Radio 6 Music at 1:00 PM on Liz Kershaw.

A fifth interview by Max Foizey was published today on

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7 Responses to Something Else release: Promo appearances recap (UPDATED)

  1. Lilian Lira

    PLEASE, Dont’t forget Brazil after the US tour.
    We love us!!!!

  2. Lilian Lira

    We love you!!!!
    Don’t forget Brazil!!!!!

    • Axl

      Yes Brazil (well South America) is planned after U.S. tour and possibly Australia after that, Dolores told it so many times in the recent interviews.

  3. Anyone else notice that dolores is not singing the do do do do’s in ode to my family?
    Sounds like johanna. Odd… not that it sounds bad but i think dolores should have sung that part too.

    • Axl

      Indeed. Is it Johanna or someone else or even Dolores voice into filters/effects?

    • Guilherme Ferreira

      Yes, I have noted the same. It’s not Dolores, definetely. It seems to be Johanna’s voice. Sad!

  4. J.

    There are no mentions of Johanna in the booklet so it’s Dolores’ voice — probably they used some kind of filters or or something.


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