The lads back in studio to record next Cranberries album

April 17, 2018  |  8 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

The Cranberries are in studio this week to record the next (and possibly final?) Cranberries album. These last 24 hours, they published a few photos on their Instagram account:

    “So we start the album”


    “Back in the studio” – (Noel with a new tattoo)

    “Day 2 of recording”

Let’s note the band was in studio last week as well (or maybe just Noel?), at the famous Abbey Road studios in London, to remaster the “Everybody Else…” album for the 25th Anniversary edition that should be released later this year.

This week, the three of them gathered at Kore Studios, in London too, to record a brand new Cranberries album. For those who are wondering how they’ll be dealing with vocals without Dolores, please keep in mind the last interview Noel Hogan gave to RollingStone: “I spoke to Dolores last Friday and she was great. We spoke about getting back to work – recording and new tracks we were working on. She sent some of those tracks to me by email on Sunday morning”, as well as the band’s recent statement: “we will also be completing the recording of a new studio album as previously announced, which we also started last year and for which Dolores had already recorded the vocals.

Everyone can easily imagine how painful going through these tracks must be for the lads. Like many fans who are supporting them through social media, we’re sending love and courage to Noel, Mike and Fergal.

We love you guys, In It Together!

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8 Responses to The lads back in studio to record next Cranberries album

  1. Leandro

    Big empty

  2. Juan

    The last album with Dolores on vox that is for sure. Hapoy and sad at the same time. Are they going to search for a new singer after that? I hope not. Best to you lads. Juan

  3. Asia

    Oh Gosh they’re looking so exhausted and devastated. Just like us all I guess. But why going so fast? Noone’s in a hurry. They should take their time. We don’t need the new album immediately. Ok for the 25 anniversary album this year, obviously, but the next/last studio album can wait, don’t you think??

  4. JJC

    You have all my support guys. May Dolores be with you. Love

  5. m

    The Black Album

    • Alisha

      That could be a great title for the album. I can already imagine the cover, all black with just the cranberries logo in red color. Title appearing only on the sides of the sleeve.

  6. Van

    Going through that Instagram just made the empty spot Dolores left in my heart a little bigger. Really wish things turned out differently for her.

  7. Ush

    This album will be the most important of your albums so put your all in guys I cant wait its going to be spectacular and I’m sure Dolores is Listening!

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