2019 – “In The End” year

January 1, 2019  |  7 Comments  |  by Axl  |  The Cranberries

As Ireland just entered 2019 a few minutes ago, The Cranberries official website updated their home page to reveal what should be an artwork linked to the release of their upcoming – and last – album “In The End”, due in 2019.

If the exact release date isn’t known to this date, BMG is likely to release the album in Spring as September/October might be devoted to the 25th anniversary of the No Need To Argue album.

cranberries.com home page new artwork

The CW Team would like to use the occasion to send our fellow grieving fans our best wishes, hoping that this new year will bring everyone peace and closure.


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7 Responses to 2019 – “In The End” year

  1. Itxaso

    Thanks for keep working in this beautiful website. I wish everybody a year full of joy, peace and love.

  2. Itzik

    The following is a list (in no particular order) of 11 newly registered song titles for the new album.
    Please keep in mind that not all might end up on the album and some could be just working titles.

    All Over Now (O’Riordan/Hogan)
    A Place I Know (O’Riordan/Hogan)
    Illusion (O’Riordan/Hogan)
    Crazy Heart (O’Riordan/Hogan)
    The Pressure (O’Riordan/Hogan)
    In The End (O’Riordan/Hogan)
    Summer Song (O’Riordan/Brodbeck)
    Lost (O’Riordan)
    Wake Me When It’s Over (O’Riordan)
    Catch Me If You Can (O’Riordan)
    Got It (O’Riordan)

    BMG are still planning an “early 2019” release.

    Happy new year everyone!!

    • Webmaster

      Wow, what an info!!! Would you be kind enough to let us know your source?
      Many thanks for your help on this.

  3. Mike Sniadecki

    Thanks surely we all miss Dolores very much! I can’t wait to hear the new album and great to hear 25th Anniversary of No Need To Argue! Be so awesome! Stuff to look forward to thanks guys!

  4. Consens

    This artwork is so-so. I hope it is not the album cover or maybe a 1st single cover artwork. In that case ok. The tracklist is very dark titles. It does not sound fake to me. Curious to know where Itzik got it.

  5. alexverveboy

    Maybe Itzik it’s someone who works at the label or is a friend of someone who knows that data, we’ll see while in the official website of The Cranberries is still promoting the box set and I think it will still take a few months to start the album promotion In The End. But as this data has been shared perhaps within a few days there is some communication from Noel, Fergal and Mike in their social networks, we will be on the lookout=)

  6. Shaun Boden

    wow that image is desolate,reminds me of the departed cover and it looks like it may be saying abandon hope all ye who enter here and you have a drum kit in front of the building a bit like the departed cover.


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